5 Questions with PixelPeet

To stream is to entertain, and to do that a streamer also has to be personable. Think about it, people won’t want to watch if they do not like someone, or if that someone is stone faced for the entire feed.

Let’s look at Newton’s third law, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Now if we put this into the context of streaming, the streamer cannot move someone with emotionless silence. It is imperative that the viewers are engaged, even if the viewers themselves are not showing a return. Content is where we are at. Though people may be simply lurking, something you said or did could have cracked a smile or even a full on belly laugh. Remember that the streamer is the one who puts forth the content, not the viewer. It’s the streamer’s job to entertain.

For all the above mentioned, I have asked another Twitch affiliate to help with another rendition of 5 questions. PixelPeet is the epitome of entertainment, and he dresses for success. We are not just speaking metaphorically, Peet literally suits up! With his witty sarcasm and detailed attack plans, that sometimes don’t pan out, he aims to entertain.

Find him at: Twitch.TV/PixelPeet


1) What is your favorite thing about streaming?

PixelPeet: I think That streaming is a superpower, you have the ability to touch peoples lives in ways you can’t even realize. Being able to make people laugh, or smile even if they are having a horrible day” thats my favorite part.

2) What do you think is your greatest tool to be successful at streaming?

PixelPeet: 😀 Constantly running my mouth while i play, plus tinkering around with the effects within OBS has always extremely amused me. I always try to be on peoples same page if they are in my chat, to know what they are talking about even if i have to google it.

3) What was your inspiration, or the reason you decided to start streaming?

PixelPeet: In the beginning its hard to say, definitely a huge influence was Vetoed, even though the numbers for halo were down, he was always consistently streaming. Watching him and his disgusting gameplay and fast reflexes on stream is what inspired me to start. Quite a few months ago he hosted me for the first time and i was beyond overjoyed, Ive got nothing but respect for that guy.

4) There are a lot of people doing F4F, and around the internet it is a controversial topic. What is your take on F4F?

PixelPeet: Seems to me to be a silly pyramid scheme. I try not to give it too much attention hoping it will go away. its bound to eventually. I don’t follow people without good reason. Unless they play halo, Pretty good reason right? XD

5) If you could go back in time to when you started streaming and give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

PixelPeet: Keep going, keep dancing, stick with it man soon you are going to know more people and have more friends than you’ve ever had.


It is important to remember two things, community and content, and this fine gentleman is evidence that this mindset can propel someone through a Twitch career. Don’t forget that if you’d like to check out PixelPeet, you can click the link above or just punch his name into the search bar on Twitch itself. And if nothing else just stop in to check out the “Claw Cam.” You’ll see.

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