Once upon a time…

I think the best way to kick this off, would be with another origin story. At first, not in its fullest, but enough to grasp where I’m coming from.

I have been a gamer my whole life, at least all of it I can remember. One of my earliest memories actually includes an Atari. It’s hard to picture a life without games, without that kind of glorious distraction. I am addicted to the digital world and I look forward to the future.

As of late I have started streaming video games and art on Twitch.TV, and it has been a wonderfully positive experience. With all the work I put in, to get the results in the short time I had, was just incredible.

Twitch itself can be intimidating to start, so beginners on twitch are being exploited by senior Twitch streamers, and, ultimately, damaging their reputation.

I have seen many beneficial checkpoints for stream growth, but they all seem to fall short. I decided to take things into my own hands. I made a group on Facebook which I will link at the bottom.

I want to help people grow, progress, and eventually evolve, and not just on twitch, but as people also. It’s like that song, “The Humbling River,” by Puscifer. You can only do so much by yourself.

I have started to build a community, and hopefully with help we can succeed.

Ghostborn Stream Team

Find Me On Twitch

One thought on “Once upon a time…

  1. Bruh you did not just make a puscifer reference lol… tool and anything Maynard touches his hands on is gold to me honestly when it comes to music! 🍻 for the great tastes! And goodluck plan to see and hear more from you in the future!



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