Lead by example

We live in a world today where many people have been groomed to care for just themselves. Even my child in school is encouraged not to share her school supplies with other kids. I mean, I get it, we don’t want kids losing all their stuff, then all their neighbors stuff as well. I on the other hand, disapprove of this practice. I believe that we should teach people how to be more than themselves.

To expect everyone to be selfless would be delusional, but to reach everyone, who feels the same as I, requires that we are the kind of people we hope to meet. Do unto others, and all. So I want to do this for our community, and any other who wishes to share, and grow. I want to reach for community, for friends. I want to reach out to help others all in the hopes that they too will reach out and help more.

I do this through Twitch.TV to help people to meet others like themselves. I want people who genuinely want to meet and help others. We, together, can do something great and grow and learn. If you want this for yourself, that’s great. If you want it for yourself and you want to help that’s better. Either way I will drop some links for anyone to give us a try.

Ghostborn Facebook

Ghostborn Discord

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