Story of my life…

By no means will this be a chronicling of my entire historical background. No, I am simply touching on one of the biggest parts of my life. I am a gamer. Though I have spent hours on top of days gaming before, I never considered my self a gamer until Halo.

Back then I went by Fr3wT, and Halo was the game that hooked me. I wanted to play Halo all day every day. I pretty much did just that. As did my Stepbrother and my best friend. My buddy Lupes made that addiction even worse.

Upon the release of Halo 2 I hit two major milestones. The first was the introduction to clans and online communities. My friend became a member of a clan that pushed us farther into the Halo 2 community. We were never alone, never less than a full party.

The second milestone was the LAN where I met my wife. This wasn’t the first time we spoke, but it was the first time we truly met. She went by Tink, and she joined the ranks of our local Halo crew. By Halo 3, we were a thing.

Halo 3 was another defining moment in our lives, and also one of my largest regrets. First, I founded my own clan/community known as With The Assist. We were inseparable and unstoppable until Tink and I found out we were gonna be parents.

Now I may be remembering this out of order, but when I got the next clan invite I took it as to relieve responsibilities and still have community. This is easily one of my biggest regrets. When I left WTA it fell apart. For that I am sorry.

From WTA to CdG I did move. One community to the next it still felt like home. All the way up to Destiny. Halo changed the most upon the departure of Bungie. It had always been an evolving game but many of CdG didn’t like its direction. Many of the Cirques went to Call of Duty, Titan Fall, or Destiny. I took a break myself, and focused on work and family.

It was years of me barely playing anything at all. Gaming was about dead for me. I was beginning to think I was just growing out of it, like I was too old for games now. Until the release of Apex Legends.

Apex was exciting and addictive, and it reminded me of something I had been missing. With every match I wanted more, and with every match it drove me closer to my true home. Halo. I am at Halo 5, and it’s not CE…or 2 or 3. It’s not reach, nor is it 4. They are all their own respective entities and they are all home.

To close, I am not a try hard, and I will never be. I am not the best and I have never claimed to be. One thing I can promise is that I am authentic.

I am me, the whole me, and nothing but the me.

100% SatisJaxon guaranteed.

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