5 Questions with ReaperofHugs42

First things first, I need to apologize for the lengthy pause in content. You just gotta understand that I was in no place to write, or even stream for that matter. I wasn’t in the right state of mind. In order to deliver the best quality content I chose to take a small break, and here I am, back with a vengeance!

Having said that, my friends, with no further ado, we start again with this bit o’ twitch knowledge that is advertising or networking.

The very first thing I did when I started twitch was to go from chat to chat and talk to folks. At first this was in the hopes to learn how to do it, what is important, and also what not to do. Through this I made some friends who still join in my streams and chat.

On that same front it is beneficial to have social media linked to your twitch channel, for all your stream updates and announcements. A simple tweet, done right, could possibly pull hundreds of views. Later on I will touch on some things you may forget to do with stream announcements.

For now let’s shine a light on our next streamer to grace us with 5 questions. I don’t know him very well, but from the few streams I have been able to make, I have witnessed his generosity toward other streamers, and just that positive energy. May I add, just so much energy! Without further ado…


1) It would seem that many of the higher level streamers stick with one material or game. How do you go about selecting the material that you choose to stream?

Reaper: I select whatever game i feel like playing that day. I like to give the audience a view of different games that i enjoy. They’re typically single player so i can interact with chat too!! Basically I pick whatever game i feel i can bring the most positive energy with that day.

2) Is there any advice you would give a new streamer, as not to negatively impact their brand?

Reaper: I would say Just ALWAYS network and invest in yourself. Make yourself some merch. Giveaway some if you can. Constantly reach out to others. Start a hashtag on social media and just keep using it!! Make yourself stand out and memorable. Whether it’s your color scheme, name, or logo.

3) How often would you consider to be a reasonable amount to stream?

Reaper: I’d say for streamers starting, about 3 to 4 hours. Most people you will meet starting out come through networking and social media. Especially in hightly saturated games. I say spend 80% of the time networking, 10% of the time streaming, and 10% of the time in other’s streams getting to know your community.

4) How crucial a tool do you think social media is with streaming?

Reaper: Social media is king. It’s the best place to connect with other streamers and viewers and make friends!! Discord is highly underutilized. Be careful about who you follow though. There are many people who want to just use others and not build up those around you. Find those who you want to grow with and enjoy each other’s company.

5) If you could go back in time to when you first started streaming, what advice would you give your younger self?

Reaper: Just keep learning and trying. I honestly kinda just slapped everything together when i first started and continue to grow and learn. Immerse yourself in the community and really get to know your following!! I knew nothing about twitch when i started. I’ve come a long way, but have a long way to go!!

As explained, social media is an strong tool for the streamer. As such, it’s important to know how to best utilize your social media options. I have some opinions that I can share that very well may boost your social media game.

Types of posts:

I post several types of posts. The first of which is the future stream announcement. I post this one days in advance to announce any upcoming streams I have planed later in the week. The second is the going live post, and this is best used just before you are streaming for the day, obviously. And lastly the thank you post. The last post is important, because it highlights those who participate it your stream and, in turn, helps them as well.


How you write something is just as important as what you write about. You need to keep your readers attention after you have grabbed said attention. This technique is capitalized on easily on twitter, due to the character lock. Since you can only use so many characters to express yourself, you can keep it short and to the point, without fear of rambling or becoming sidetracked.

Using the “#” and “@”:

The use of the “#” and the “@” is a big part of your post, because this is how you send your name out to the world. The best way I have found to use these on twitter is by adding them to their appropriate “tag.” So if you were playing a game of Halo, then you would #game and @Halo. “#” is used to link a general interest while the “@” we used to link the company responsible for the game. In doing so you would be pulling everyone who is following the “tag” game and everyone following the game “Halo.”

Your name:

You cannot forget to introduce yourself as if it is the first time meeting someone, because for the most part that is what you are trying to do, reach new people. The best way to introduce yourself and save characters is to use your actual twitch channel user name. For example Twitch.TV/(insertname).

The time:

If you want people to show up on time for your stream, you have to add your exact time. This includes your time zone, unless you are posting the going live “now”, for obvious reasons.

This is all I can think about as of right now and if I have any other opinions to share, I will do so. For now I’d like to thank ReaperofHugs42 for taking the time to answer these questions and giving us all the insight into the world of a successful twitch streamer. For anyone who wishes to check out ReaperofHugs42, his links are shared below:





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