Coming soon to a channel near you…

I didn’t come from money, I guess that’s where I learned the value of a dollar. That’s why most of what I make goes to the family, into our home. Family first ALWAYS. That being said my family does not need a computer for me to stream, nor can I justify just taking the money.

I thought about how I could get around the money issue, then it hit me… I don’t need to focus on a computer, for stream quality just yet. There are four aspects of my stream I could work on to increase quality with little to no cost.

Picture, lighting, content, and background are what’s important right now. Over the next few weeks I will be running tests with my set up to see what works the best, starting with the lighting and background.

Lighting is important, because your lighting can further degrade picture especially if you have a poor cam. It’s only common sense, if your cam is rough on the pick up, and it’s dark and hard to see, quality is low. Also if you’re going to rely on decor to be your background you’ll need to light it up!

I have no capability of a green screen, but where I lack on one front, I excel on another. Collectibles can be a suitable background especially for defining the streamer and welcoming small talk. I have plenty collectibles to fill a shelf.

Content is a little trickier. This is more than just the game you are playing. Charisma and a quick wit can be useful, but interactions with the chat are a crucial part of beings streamer. I will work on that.

Lastly, I need to upgrade my picture. Now this is the only step that will actually cost me money, so we will refrain, until we see how the light boost effects the feed.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any suggestions, go to menu then contact or message me on twitter @SatisJaxon.


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