Now is the time for change.

Change can be a good thing, particularly when it can offer progress or self growth. I know it’s a shaky topic, this swap to Mixer, but it has opened a whole new world that wasn’t available to me right now on Twitch. So I have moved on, and though I have not had a full stream yet…I will soon.

On another front, I find it difficult to find topics to write about. Now this type of writing is not my normal style. Instead I like to write Fiction. Having said that, I think I’ll like to try to write some of my stories on here.

I have a total of 10 stories, maybe more, with about 50+ original characters, which I have worked on the last 17 years. Every story is in the same line up to an inevitable end. I will try to post it by chapter.

Bare in mind that I am not a professional writer, nor will this be edited so the writing you will see here will be in the rawest of forms. Well see how it goes.

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