And we are back!

I have been very busy with the last few stages in my life, but these last few months have been large strides.

I have been through a lot since I have started this blog. From Twitch streamer to Mixer, from moderator to graphic artist, I have been all over the place. And my one and only has been there right beside me! I love that woman, TinkoRoboto!

After this great silence I am coming back at you with greater news! We are back at writing! And not the fictional stories I ended on. Instead we have content headed your way!

We have a new discord to pair artist and streamers, I will be writing some more of my 5 questions interviews, as well as two more story types! 5 clips and 5games!

You will have to stay tuned in order to see what it is all about, but let’s do a little test real quick:

Looks like we are good to go with my top game clip write ups;D

Lastly my wife and I are working together on a graphic design team know as MaXon Illustrations! Come check us out for all your Branding needs!

Thanks for hanging around,


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