5 Questions With Mizu Gaming

We are all gamers aren’t we? I know that I am. I’ve been immersed in the digital daze for quite some time now. Gaming was once deemed a waste of time; However, over my life it has become a viable career path.

Video games alone are a multi billion dollar industry. But we weren’t talking about the developers were we? No, we are all gamers here, right? So let’s get to the good stuff!

According to Esportsearning.com, there are a handful of gamers who made it to the millions, a bit more who are pulling around SIX figures a year! The average of course is around 40-60k a year, and depending on where you live is a decent salary for doing something that you are passionate for. I mean that’s the dream, isn’t it? Doing what you love for a living?

This edition of 5 Questions is bigger than any one person. We will be shining a light on an organization, built by gamers with real world business experience, to aide others down the path to their respective goals.

Without further ado, I present to you,

5 Questions With Mizu:

(Image Credit: Property of Mizu Gaming)

Q: What is it exactly that Mizu does?

A: Mizu is a multiplatform entertainment organization currently employing content creators, pro players, and artists.  Our organization has its own Twitch, Mixer and YouTube channels devoted to unique and exclusive content not seen on any other stations.  We also have two pro teams playing Apex Legends, and we are currently recruiting members for a League of Legends pro team.  We intend to field teams across multiple game franchises, to help us achieve the goal of winning championships. Lastly, we are contracting with designers and artists to bring cutting edge merchandise to the global gaming community.  


Q: What was the inspiration behind starting Mizu Gaming?

A: Our founders met during one of Pixel Peet’s streams back in early 2019.  As they began to play Halo together, they found they had friends in common across the Swat Nation and the Halo community at large.  During the fall of 2019 they began to discuss the way organizations within the gaming community tended to focus on the people at the top levels of the orgs and not the folks who drove the engine of success.  They decided to bring a new paradigm to the industry.  The goal of Mizu Gaming, and the Mizu Entertainment Group is to empower our members and help them achieve their dreams.   Our founders have 45 years of combined business experience which allows them to see unique talents which may have been overlooked by other organizations.  Our mission statement governs everything we do:  If you want to go quick, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.  Mizu believes that if we do everything in our power to make our content creators and pro players successful, that will in turn make all of the Mizu brands successful.  You cannot have one without the other.  On the surface we appear to be focused on content creation and pro players, while behind the scenes, we advise our members on legal matters, contractual matters, assist them setting up their personal brands and protecting them, we assist them with open broadcast software (OBS), and with unique transitions and overlays.  If we have members of the community who are attempting to negotiate a deal with a competing organization, we offer contract review and negotiation services.  Finally, all our members participate in our philanthropic arm, Mizu in Motion, during our annual events.  This year we are focused on the first responders in Australia who volunteered their time to save countless lives and homes, in some cases giving all to do so.  The event is on February 29th and will be broadcast on the Mizu Twitch channel.


Q: Where do you see Mizu, this time next year?

A: This time next year we expect to be broadcasting and simulcasting on multiple platforms on the Mizu Entertainment network.  In addition, we expect to be closing in on a championship in Apex and League of Legends, while expanding our pro teams to five unique game franchises.  We also have a very big project we expect to launch at the beginning of 2021 which will excite the gaming community around the world, so stay tuned!


Q: What would you consider Mizu’s strongest feature?

A: The creativity and drive of our members is by far our strongest feature.  This is a group of people who work tirelessly to bring unique, entertaining content to our audience.  Watching these folks is truly inspirational.  On any given day you can find several members in our “think tank” discord channel collaborating on new ideas for each person’s stream.  There is no hesitation about speaking their minds in constructive ways to further the project.  And despite competing with each other, our pro teams often bounce ideas and techniques off each other while developing winning strategies.  


Q: If you could say anything to those who aspire to join a gaming organization, what would it be?

A: Becoming part of an organization requires a tremendous amount of dedication to yourself, and the family you are joining.  When you are investigating an org, make sure you find a group who shares the values and vision of your brand.  Too many people sign with the first organization they find just so they can tell people “they are part of an org”, without regard to their own goals.  The first step in courting an org is to lay a good foundation on your stream, or in the game you play.  A good organization will help you build on that foundation and grow in the direction of your dreams.


I have had an opportunity to get to know these guys pre-Mizu and I can tell you that their intentions are genuine. I’ve witnessed their motivation, their drive through all the advancements in so little time. Intent, and drive matched with the raw, untapped talent Mizu has acquired, I foresee a promising future.

You can contact Mizu Gaming at any one of the links below. Don’t forget to show your support on Feb 29th on the Mizu Twitch channel, also listed below.








Remember to be kind and stay fantastic,


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