5 Clips From Apex Legends

So in this bit we will be looking at some great clips. Not like an affordable haircut, no. We will have a count down on some awesome and funny clips from the Apex Legends community!

These clips will be up in the air, from all seasons. But looking to the future, the 5 Clip articles will be covering games between the last article to the next. Also, Apex, will not be the only game covered, each write will have a general theme, or different game.

We are going to kick this off the same way many great stories do…with the one who got away. This first clip comes from B34TRO on Xbox One. Last on his squad and trying to break the storm, he runs into a team gatekeeping. Does he let this get him down? Well, yes but he got right back up, and out for a miraculous escape!

Gentlemen, sometimes, have to let them go, and sometimes they have to throw down their guns, and settle thing like…well, gentlemen. I have seen this in a couple of channels but never from someone who plays console. So let’s delve deep into the Dapper Dimension with Pixel Peet

Down to the final two squads and the spirit of an honorable duel is respected. One on one, no guns or quips just bare knuckle to bare knuckle!

Pixel Peet is a Twitch talent from the Mizu Gaming Organization. If you are oblivious to his greatness, now’s your chance to catch up.

As long as we are trying to be gentlemen here, we should acknowledge our gentlewomen as well! They deserve our respect just as much as the sirs, how could you not, after the next clip, from our own TinkoRoboto!

Tinko is on point with her Eva8 and Re45, for that 1, 2, 3 squad wipe on the old King’s Canyon. What makes this even more amazing is she was short a shield. Fantastic match start.

Speaking of King’s Canyon, a little while ago we were treated to a helping of the launch version of the map. Back to the old map with the old habits is Goku DBZ dropping hot in skull town with a pretty satisfying clip. Unlike the rest of these clips, Goku’s is trimmed to shorten time between kills, we just wanted to show the climb from bare knuckle to geared to kill leader. Enjoy;D

Before we wrap things up here, I have one more combo clip. The following is to emphasize the importance of teamwork, and sometimes, “carrying” a teammate may just be part of the job.

If you would like to take part in some interactive Apex Legends to thwart Nitro Punk’s efforts, or just enjoy some premium content, launch that jump pad and hop on over to Mixer and watch our dude in action.

This is not the 5 Clip stint in it’s full glory. Think of it as a test. After this write, I will be asking for game clips from other games and doing a more comprehensive breakdown with what is going on. Hopefully these bits will ultimately feel like “plays of the week.” But I’m going to need those clips!

Thanks for the support kids, and I’ll be back next week for 5 Clips from Modern Warfare and a breakdown of Apex Legend’s Bangalore character efficiency!

If you’d like to be part of the 5 Clips for next week, please send me your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare clips from the past week! You can leave them as a comment, reach me on Twitter or on my Discord.

Be kind and stay fantastic,


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