An Apex Breakdown: Bangalore

Upon launch of Apex Legends, Bangalore was one of the most popularly selected characters. As we tread well into season 4, her popularity has waned. Due to some of the other characters’ abilities, Bangalore is probably one of the more overlooked characters in the assault class, at least in regard to platinum rank on up. In these paragraphs I will touch on my experiences with the character, and talk about some of the perks of playing Bangalore.

To start we need to understand the game. Apex Legends is a first person shooter and battle royale with rpg elements. The goal is to survive and outlive the enemy teams, by building a squad with suitable ability to best handle the environment. With the specialized character abilities per class, you take a seemingly average battle royale and make it a strategic ever-evolving pvp fueled dungeon raid. We have healers, scouts, tanks and, with the season 4 update, we have gained a necromancer, of sorts. That being said a lot of people go into Apex trying to solo the game, which can be achievable but ultimately makes the game more difficult. I’d like to bring teamwork back to Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon.

Bangalore is categorized as an assault class by the developers and deemed useless by some of the higher ranked players. I humbly disagree to both. Her strengths are evasion and suppression. I would call her a support class, and I think she is vital to the team-play experience. Her skill list is as follows:

Double Time– Her passive ability grants increased movement speed when sighted by an unseen combatant.

Smoke Screen– Her activated ability covers a decent surface area for evasion. Also I believe that the canister inflicts 10 damage upon detonation.

Missile Barrage– Her ultimate is a blanketing missile strike that spreads across the landscape, with latent shells, which detonate in sequence to cause a tidal wave effect over the terrain, inflicting damage and stunning enemy’s.

We will touch first on the passive ability. When enemies are close we can hear their movement, for the most part and that gives you time to react. That is where the relevance of double time comes into play. If someone’s close enough to hip fire, then you will hear them, but if they are at medium to long range they will have to look down sights to hit you, thus activating double time.

My advice:

Never stop moving. Loot quick and don’t linger, because if you keep your distance then, eventually, someone will pop a shot, instead of closing in.

As for the smoke screen, this has to be one of the least utilized abilities, if not one of the most misused. I believe that with the addition of damage to the smoke coverage, her smoke screen should be directed at the enemy for blinding. Overall there are several different scenarios that would cause you to use the smoke differently. Most often I use the smoke to hit snipers in towers to allow my team to find better ground or escape.

Smoke options:

1) Smoke yourself if you don’t know where the enemy is, and regroup.

2) Smoke the enemy to move unseen. If you Smoke a destination, they know where to follow.

3) Smoke to conceal allied traps.

4) Smoke and cover fire for healing, respawns, revives, and looting.

My advice:

Take your teammates into consideration. Only smoke yourself if you don’t obstruct their view.

This brings us to Bangalore’s ultimate ability. I think it is a rarity to get a knock with the air strike, so I have deduced that this tool is best used for suppression. Throwing the barrage is the best way to force a team to move. This could be the difference between you or an enemy team holding the high ground.

My advice:

This ultimate is best used as a means of escape. Throw it in the direction you are running, and you will make it through right before they start to explode! This will offer a fantastic head start.

In conclusion, within the later ranks you will still see me running Bang, I just can’t see passed her benefits.

As an added note I have always wanted to try a trio of Bangalore, Caustic, and Bloodhound for the end circle. Smoke, gas traps, and beast of the hunt…sounds nasty.

As always,

Be kind and stay fantastic,


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