5 Questions With Scudpuddle

Not every step you take is in the sun, some are in the shade. While it’s hard to see through the dark, with every pace, you grow closer to who you will become, maybe even where you want to be. For some, they reside in the shade, helping others to walk, even run, back into the light.

That is where we are right now, helping someone out, and into the sun. I believe that when some of you read this, you will agree that Scudpuddle is deserving of the spotlight. As I get to know him, the more I’m impressed. He’s supportive, creative, and a man of many skills.

Scudpuddle starts the whole show with a really cool job. Engineering is not a simple line of work, such a career would require an extremely flexible mind to adapt to different situations and problems in the field.

If engineer wasn’t enough, he is also a musician! He has helped others with his sound and added notes to other projects as well. Scudpuddle’s has tapped many sources to house his content, including: YouTube, Spotify, Sound Cloud, or even on ITunes, with a simple type of his name, “Scudpuddle.”

Give me a second to lean into this cliche, but wait there’s more! Scudpuddle is also an amateur wood worker. He has crafted items for his friends to use as giveaways to further their content. He has informed me, while he has started with smaller items, he is working his way up to larger pieces, like furniture. He prides himself in one-of-a-kind, custom products.

(Oak dice tray with an Elk hide bottom and a resin inlay.)

From engineer to guitarist to carpenter, his schedule would seem sparse of time. Still he frequents streams, and shares others content as well as finding time to game. Scudpuddle has also shared game clips for 365 days straight to twitter, and is more recently compiling ten clip montages for YouTube, with his own custom soundtrack.

Well enough of my ramblings, let’s hear from the man himself. Here is 5 Questions With Scudpuddle:

Q. Engineering requires creative thinking and problem solving, do you think those skills aide you in your other ventures?

Scudpuddle: Absolutely. Engineering has taught me to persevere through some challenges. Problems come up, we figure them out and fix them, then move on to the next one.

For music, it has helped me be creative when writing. I’m constantly coming up with ideas. Sometimes they turn into songs, sometimes I combine a few similar ones, sometimes I make short melodies for small videos, and sometimes they are just left alone. Either they didn’t work out, or they’re on the shelf for a later date.

Engineering has also taught me patience and attention to detail which is particularly useful for wood working. The patience required for woodworking can be the difference between a shoddy piece of work and something that is beautiful and cherished by its owners. I strive for the beauty and art instead of just slapping things together and calling it good. Sure, it works that way, but how well and for how long?

Q. There are so many tools available to make music, what is your favorite instrument and how does it speak to you?

Sudpuddle: Guitar is always going to be my most comfortable instrument, but I really enjoy the piano and keyboard. I love the sound of a piano, and the capabilities with a keyboard are almost endless, especially when you have MIDI. Lately, I’ve been doing more and more MIDI things as I experiment. The virtual instruments are fun to play around with.

But like I said, guitar is my most comfortable. And it’s easy to travel with and play. Usually every night before I go to sleep, I’ll play at least 5-10 minutes of guitar coming up with melodies, writing songs, or just messing around and playing old songs for practice.

Q. Music has so many applications these days, so is this solely a hobby, or an avenue that you would like to better explore?

Scudpuddle: Right now it’s starting off as a hobby. I grew up always wanting to be a music producer/song writer. If it grows into something more, that’d be great. At the moment though, I’m creating whatever I can for whoever I can and getting my stuff out there for whoever stumbles upon it. I’m still learning all the skills required, but without formal training or the time to fully commit to it, I doubt it’ll be more than a hobby any time soon.

Plus, keeping it as a hobby takes away the pressing of HAVING to be creative. Right now it’s pure enjoyment when I can do it. I’m lucky that I don’t have to rely on it to live.

Q. With these other impressive skills, what keeps you tethered to the realm of gaming?

Scudpuddle: Gaming has, and always will, have a special place in my heart. I’ve met so many people and I’ve made lifelong friends through gaming. It brings out my competitive side sometimes, and other times it lets me get lost in a story. No matter how far my other ventures go, gaming will be there. It helps me if I need to unwind at the end of a night.

Q. If you had an opportunity to either give advice to a past self, or get advice from a future self, which would you choose and why?

Scudpuddle: If I could give my younger self some advice, I’d tell him to stay true to himself and be honest 100% of the time. You’ll be able to walk your own path instead of following another’s. I’ve done that the past year and a half and honestly, I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been. Kinda cliche, but it was a lesson I didn’t learn until later.

In short we are all surrounded by interesting people, who guide us and help us as they can. It has been a privilege to share a bit about Scudpuddle, but there are a lot more folks who go unnoticed on a day to day basis. So if you know someone who always has your back, why not give them a shout out? In the comments, Instagram, Twitter, what have you.

To keep up to date with Scudpuddle you can follow any of these links:





Sound Cloud


Be kind and stay fantastic,


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