Utopia Bound

I first started watching streams early 2019, and from the quality that I had seen, I was capable of the same game skill. Stream after stream I kept seeing toxic behavior masked by skilled play, and it made me sick. A lot of viewers tend to be a younger audience, so the example that everyone was getting was vile and tainted. And I decided to start streaming to offer a better, morally sound content.

Before I started streaming I spent the better part of a month networking. Trudged through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I also visited streams on Mixer and Twitch to get to know people and try to coax them into my streams.

For the most part I was successful on twitch, pulled an average of 10 people almost immediately by being supportive and present in their channels. Sadly I lost every single one of them switching to Mixer. I didn’t go it alone, however.

Some friends I had made on Twitch did jump to Mixer as well, and with that I was hit with raids that made me realize that I wasn’t ready for that level of entertainment, but the friends I have made also met my standard of no-toxicity. That was the first push toward Utopia Bound.

The second push to Utopia was an when I was approached for artwork. Pius Rampage, co-founder of Mizu Gaming, contacted me to help someone with art needs. It had turned out that person paid forward for art and the artist vanished. Kept the money and produced no art. This isn’t the first time, nor last where I heard of such things.

I realize that the internet can be a dark place. People creep and feed on others anonymously, and I wish that wasn’t so. I do not have the power to clean up the web, I do, however, have the power to offer my word.

Many words do not quite hold the meaning they once had. Respect, honor, trust, loyalty, each one being discredited by untrustworthy folks burning bridges before others can even find them.

I myself was lucky enough to find a bridge. I met a streamer by the name Forice, who gave me an opportunity to produce art. He shared that art as well as my name and it opened so many windows for me. I also made a name for myself. I am stable, I am here and I will do the work I am commissioned for.

I thought about this for some time, before I decided to go “Utopia.” The entire idea behind my project is to host a non-toxic streaming hub. I’m sure this is not necessarily enough information, so let’s break it down.

I personally know several talented and professionally published illustrators and comic book artists. So the first step was to invite these artists, who welcomed the opportunity. These guys I have known for years, and very well may be better than myself. Utopia Bound is now a fantastic place to find trustworthy, talented commission artists.

Turns out, content creators can be in need of music as well, and I just so happen to know a music producer as well. He also agreed to help with my project, so now we have the potential for original, custom, one of a kind music.

While going through the motions, advertising my stream on Twitter and Instagram, I ran into a youtuber, who also gives advice with video editing. I asked him if he would also like to help out. Just following this guy on twitter would be a great help cause he is always posting information as well as asking questions. Utopia found a “video editing coach.”

I also contacted Lightstream and asked if I could put some of their contact information and features up. They replied by sending a project manager to help folks out, in house.

Utopia Bound is sharing other tools for streaming, like mod bots, stream related announcements, and we partnered up with a gentlemen who reviews stream tech, and advises, not the most expensive equipment, but the gear that will get you through.

Utopia Bound provides a safe nontoxic place for people to find their streaming needs. We have artists, musicians, editors, and streamers all guaranteed to be nontoxic. You can find what streaming service you need or even connect with other streamers to set up events, co-streams, or even a simple party up.

Now Utopia is not just for streamers. For the guaranteed streamers, I have personally typed up short profiles offering a brief personal catch as well as stream rating, games played, and contact info. So that you may have an idea of what you are getting into without actually starting the stream.

Think of Utopia Bound as a promotion center with no obligations and plenty of shops for wears.

If you’d like to check us out, you can get more information at:

Utopia Bound




Be kind and stay fantastic,


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