Devastating Development

This title seems bad right? What’s going on with the big guy today, you ask? Well I got my unemployment settled after the layoff because of the virus who shall not be named;D I’m not sick, nor is the family, so what could be so devastating?

Here’s the deal, I fight anxiety and depression on a day to day basis. Since we have been on lockdown it has been a full on war. For anyone who has seen depressions ugly face, you know that it obliterates your motivation, as well as people skills. I had plans to write several articles and my sources all seemed to lose contact with me. This put a kink it the works, then the virus fear and ultimately imprisonment. I wasn’t in a place to write.

Here is a short text as an update. I will hunt for more content to cover. I want to provide you all with the content you deserve and here is to future motivation, cheers!

I hope to see you kids around,

Remember, be kind and stay fantastic,


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