Apex Legends Refueled?

Tuesday, April 28th marks the beginning for the newest Apex Legends update the Battle Armor Event. So I decided to share a few clips from the last few days including a bit from the event as it stands, as well as a glitch I encountered in the Battle Armor game mode.

For those of you who know me, and not even that well, I have a hard time shutting up about Apex and, well, looks like it ain’t happening any time soon. This new event has me pumped, and fueled for carnage. Even from the announcement, I found myself back in the pool “driving lead down range.” I am just as stoked for this event as all the other AL events, I’ve loved them all! If you would like to share your love/hate with the current or past events feel free to comment, but for now let’s move on shall we…

Apex Legends is like any Battle Royal really. You are dropped, with your selected team onto a battlefield with nothing but your wits…and a couple other dudes. The name of the game is survival, and that’s tough when all your gear is random, so you, for the most part, have to fight for it. Luckily “you keep what you kill” Necromongers, unless your teammates dont want to share…that happens too.

Throughout the match you can acquire four levels of gear. White, blue, purple and gold. Each color represents a different level of effectiveness. White being the lowest and gold being the highest.

The best gear doesn’t guarantee a victory, I well thought out plan or even better aim can trump I higher suit. So the first clip was about a week ago, and it shows how battlefield awareness and shield swaps can get you out of a tight pinch.

I have been known to drop a purple shield for a white shield just to continue punishment on a target without the lengthy repair time. Sometimes that is not an option, sometimes you have to retreat, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up.

This next clip was from Battle Armor day one, and had just ran to heal up. Both of my teammates fell and were boxed. Instead of running back in guns-a-blazin, I had a second thought…

I became the second and third party. I was able to turn the tables on an entire squad solo, based on tactics alone. That’s not all, a lot of people also tend to forget to respect the equipment we are given. This clip particularly, I used the fast rate energy weapon up close to knock the first two and immediately swapped to the long range single fire to mop up the last tango. Even the smaller weapons can be incredibly efficient. Let’s jump back, pre-event once more. It goes on to show the value of a gun rarely used, the RE-45.

These two weapons, the RE-45 and the Hemlock(Hecklom, as I call it), are a couple of my go to’s. If I have one or both of these guns I will have a decent game. Between the two of them, you get a powerful short, medium, and long range potential.

I believe at this point, you all have a decent grasp of the game, so let’s head back to the event. The opening set for the Battle Armor event starts with white armor, two syringes, and a P2020. The set up is not the best, but everyone is bound to the white armor. No armor pick ups, but every other quip is fair game.

Starting the match with armor and a gun, regardless of the efficiency, makes the game exponentially easier…unless someone finds a Peacekeeper shotgun or either one of the energy weapons. The three of them are, individually, devastating. This last clip has nothing to do with weapon drops, or even armor, nah. Instead I would like to show you my favorite glitch.

As you can see I was dropped, yet in last stand, like Borderlands. I was down, but I could still utilize my gun! I wonder if I had finished off an enemy if I would have popped back up? I wasn’t able to pull it off but I did get a res, thanks to my wife and frequent teammate TinkoRoboto.

We had a lot of fun with the event, day one, and I for one can’t wait for level two of the event, and so on. Don’t forget to give me a watch to keep up on more streamer and gaming intel, mostly Apex Legends for now. Also, throw a follow over to Tinko and I on our artist based Instagram page, Maxon Illustrations for your content creator or official art needs.

Please stop by and check out the Utopia Bound family friendly, non-toxic discord server, for all your secondary content needs. We have professional artists, musicians and video editing support, to help you set up the best audio and visual environment for your brand.

This has been fun, but my time is spent.

Remember to be kind, and stay fantastic,


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