Season 5 Apex Legends

Season 5 of Apex Legends is upon us, and my friend, The wife, and I jumped into action for day one. So far the new content is pretty fantastic! Love the new character, as well as the new Kings Canyon! There are several other added changes to the overall game, and we will dive a little deeper into that intel, as we hit the breakdown…

The first bit I want to touch on is obviously the new character. When I first loaded up as Loba I was expecting the same basic ability that past characters, like Pathfinder, And Wraith, with the quick transport to a close/medium range. Instead I feel her basic ability is more sophisticated. The ring travels a little slower than I’d like but it has great range especially for exiting or outrunning the storm.

Loba’s passive is really useful, especially if you are fairly well kitted. She can see through anything! Within her range, which is ridiculous. Basically if you land in any titled location you will see all of the purple or gold loot in that area, and if you know what the basic shapes are you can tell what the loot is from a distance.

This girl’s ult is spectacular! “Black Market open for business!” Loba can open up shop for a location and pull all the merch for that area, within range. You can only pick 2 objects from the shop, but most of the time that’s all you will need.

Now that we have the new character out of the way, we can move on to the other changes. Naturally we have a new map…well an old map….ok, ok it’s mostly an old map, but probably 30-40% different. There are two massive amendments to the map, one in place of Skulltown and the second near array, both of the original locations are erased from the face of Kings Canyon. Next there are a couple other little modifications to the map including charge stations and a mysterious bulkhead door next door to the slums, which I assume to be the key to the PvE portion of this beautiful season.

This new season is also the dawn of he new death box organization. At first I was bugged by it because it’s a totally different layout, but I feel like it will ultimately be easier to loot more quickly in the future as well as being to see a limited amount of your surroundings while looting is also nice.

There were a few issues I have noticed and I’d like you to share your experiences as well. I have noticed that some equipment can become inactive, meaning that you cannot pick them up, including equipping directly to weapon or pick up to back pack.

The first time I noticed the issue was off of a black market loot. A teammate picked up a weapon out of the market and dropped the previous weapon and all quips. I looted two pieces out of the market and when everyone was done I closed the market. Every quip beneath the market spawn was inactive. Didn’t even get the prompt that said equipment could be picked up.

Second time I noticed an issue was off jump we landed octane, and the wife and I jumped through the ring to grab a gold knockdown shield. We tried collectively ten-fifteen times to no avail.

So we had mild bugs in the update, but overall just too much fun. My crew is completely reinvested in Apex and I hope that this praise finds you in these tough times, because if we are stuck in the house…why not come play a couple games with us;D

As always my friends,

Be kind, stay fantastic,

Stay safe,


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