The Duke Returns!

I know how the title sounds, but we are not talking about the Western legend, John Wayne, no. The launch of the original Xbox back in November of 2001, the first grasp of the Microsoft gaming world was a chunk, to say the least. The first controller was a honking beast of an analog monstrosity, and I loved it. Eventually known as the “Duke” it gained a fan following, enough so that we are seeing the reappearance, reproduced by Hyperkin, two generations later with the Xbox one.

Duke launch trailer

Now this is a fairly late article to be clear, but I finally talked myself into the purchase, and I am so glad I did! As I played the several test games, it was a learning curve to get back into the feel and comfort of that hefty piece of tech, with a sweet throwback animation built into the controller.

The differences between the XBone controller and the Duke is great. From the button layout, though the recent rendition is sporting the bumpers which the original lacked, to the one full pound of extra weight on the Duke.

To be completely honest, the release of the Duke eluded me. I remembered the announcement, but then there was nothing. No more advertising, just a release down the line and I was oblivious to its obtainability. It wasn’t until my long time friend, no my brother in-gaming-arms Lupes, took a break from building some top tier gundams, to flaunt the translucent green Duke. I needed one NOW! So that’s just what I did, ran out, or rather twiddled the ol’ thumbs on over to Amazon to snag me up the beautiful translucent red slab of thumb stick heaven.

While I could only find the black, green, and red, I found an image of available colors from the Microsoft certified Makers of the controller, Hyperkin.

I have never been happier with the controller. So far all of the buttons and thumb sticks are more responsive than my Official Xbox controller. On top of the responsiveness, I have noticed better audio quality from my headset as well. I don’t know why or even if it’s just in my head, but the hype is real. And so far the tech is spectacular. If you were a fan of the Duke, then it’s worth the buy. It would take some time to get used to it, but after about four games of Apex Legends, I’m right back in the game.

remember, friends, to stay safe,

And as always, be kind and stay fantastic,


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