Utopia Bound 7/6/2020

As of the last few weeks I have been in discussions with the streamers and the admins of Utopia Bound, and I have come to the conclusion that this group definitely has potential and deserves to be public.

There will be a more prevalent drive forward. For this I have the following features to add to Utopia Bound:

-Utopia Bound merch store

-Streamer schedules

-Streamer/Gamer/Nerd talk Podcast

-Announcements for achievements and upcoming events for Utopia’s Selected

As far as implementation, that’s all down to convenience. Schedules and announcements/newsletter should be updated shortly, and the podcast may be a YouTube series, either way expected to start sometime within the next two months.

Lastly any money earned via merch or donation will go directly into Utopia Bound to better and benefit our growing community, be it for tourneys or for random donations to support Nontoxic streamers outside said community.

Myself and several other admins are excited for these advancements and hope to be of some help!

Stop by for help with content. Art, music, tech and game support as well as video editing!

Utopia Bound Discord Server

Thanks folks,

Be kind, stay fantastic,


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