Utopia Bound 7/13/20

(Image by TinkoRoboto)

This is week two of the first real push for the Utopia Bound community! I can tell you we have been working hard trying to push this group to its limits to best benefit the content creators in house and anyone else who happens by.

First and foremost I want to explain what exactly we want to accomplish. After that, we have several new features activated and a couple of features that are in the works and have yet to be completed.

Utopia Bound is an attempt at providing reliable nontoxic content to people. This content comes in a variety of ways.

Types of Content Creators:

Artists– We have a handful of professional and published illustrators and comic book artists.

Musician– If you ever wanted your very own private beat or piece of music to use on your channel, we have just the guy to introduce you to.

Support– There are many forms of content support here. From advice to tech support, from video editing coaching to discord professional help, from game suggestions to PC build suggestions. We are stocked to help perfect your craft.

Guaranteed Content– This is a generalization of the overall mission but also there is a list of guaranteed nontoxic streamers to watch. Their profiles are small but we have included links to social media as well.

Tools– there are links for a handful of bots utilized by streamers available, with experienced input on efficiency of said tools.

So far we have been stockpiling content creators and services for content creators. What’s different now? We are pushing into a full force. Over the next couple weeks we will be implementing procedures to better advertise our current creators.

Moving Forward:

Twitch Channel- Utilizing our Utopia Bound Channel on Twitch, will allow us to do a couple of things. Firstly we can auto host everyone guaranteed to be non-toxic, but we are also looking into a podcast covering content creation across platforms, gaming, and tech.

Twitter account- The Twitter account is already in full effect. When one of the guaranteed content creators, be it Twitch or YouTube at this point, go live or post a video it automatically tweets it live from the official account.

Merch Page- The merch page was started and there was a conflict with the art so it may be a while before the merch page is live. Any and all income/profits, from the merch store or donations, will be turned directly back into Utopia Bound.

YouTube- YouTube has potential for a community such as this. We can share videos of events, achievements, and even announcements.

Schedules- We also look to adding stream schedules into the profiles on the discord server. Already in the profile is the average rating, most common content, and social media links.

Before we go and because I forgot it in the last write up, we have some announcements! As most of you know, Mixer is shutting down. With that in mind, there were so many Mixer Partners who lost all of their progress and work and had to start over, but with all the experience they have been moving up the ranks quickly. Let’s take a moment to highlight a few people.

CherkoTTV has made affiliate what I’ve heard. Now Cherko wasn’t actually a Mixer Partner, but this guys definitely deserved the title. From a dedicated stream schedule to the levels of dedication to the viewers, he is fun and entertaining to be around, and I for one am glad that he gets to share the same benefits on twitch as the other streamers of his caliber.

JenEricLive is actually a duo, Jen and Eric pulled me in with a Cosplay stream. Their dedication to prop making, and overall characters, it’s no wonder that with so little time on Twitch, they hit affiliate and passed the 100 sub mark! Absolutely incredible!

Lastly on the YouTube front, Electric Spark has numerous videos ready for upload, all pre-streamed content, of the four of these dudes speed running vintage video games. Also on YouTube we are looking forward to the next Video from our friend GoKu DBZ coming soon, so keep an eye out!

To keep track of what’s to come please shoot us a follow here, and on the Utopia Bound Twitter handle, that will be listed below. Expect video updates and going live links for everyone included in the guaranteed streamer section of the discord server.




That’s all for now kids, but remember,

Be kind, and stay fantastic,


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