Utopia Bound 7/27/20

This week I’m excited to announce that we at Utopia Bound are driving a force in a healthy direction. It’s well known that healthy eating habits and exercise can battle depression and anxiety. It’s because of this I’m happy to welcome CherkoTTV and EliliGill as the face of Utopia’s health movement.

These two are actually physical education teachers as well as interactive streamers. Once on mixer, now creating content for Twitch. These two are truly inspiring, we can’t wait to see the ways they can help us stay healthy, in body and mind.

On another note of change, a member of the great content team known as JenEricLive, Eric to be specific, has left his job and is currently pursuing a full time graphic design gig! You can find his info through the link above, and commissions are open people!!! You don’t want to miss out on such a creative mind. From immaculate props to beautiful profile art, and tying his better half to bring us the live content as well, you really have to shoot them a follow!

A lot of things are changing in the world right now, and a lot of them for the better, this includes Utopia. We have already announced our Twitter, Merch and Twitch profiles that went live a couple weeks ago, and we’d like to delve a little deeper into what we are doing with each.

Utopia on Twitter:

We thought this would be a really cool tool for a different kind of stream. The Utopia Bound official Twitter handle is a current of going live links and content uploads to YouTube. It makes for a very simple way to navigate nontoxic content across twitch and YouTube combined, as well as the ability to rapidly share content links without having to jump to different creator pages.

Utopia on Twitch:

Here is something original;D not really… As of right now our Twitch channel is just hosting streams, but we are working toward a podcast soon…

Utopia Merch:

All the profit from merch, subs, bits, and/or donations will go directly into Utopia Bound’s community or in support of other small streamers. Be it donations, bits, or giveaways, we plan to leave all income within the name that is Utopia.

Our primary focus is being a reliable source of content. Let’s work together to help others, and make a community to be proud of.

Remember to be kind, stay fantastic, and safe,


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