Halo Infinite Battle Royale

It has been talked about and ridiculed up to the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal at the Xbox Showcase this year. Many believe that 343i should stay away from the BR genre, while others would like them to embrace the same reasoning that pushed other 4v4-6v6 shooters to the intense war zones we have now.

Whether you want the Halo BR to remain a 3-round burst rifle or become the real “Combat Evolved” version of the franchise, I’ll bring you what to expect out of a full on Spartan Battle Royale…


First things first, where would this type of battle take place? Why not a destabilized fracture of a Halo ring? Using this would allow for a verity of detail within the fractured installation. Forerunner structures, covenant and human outposts, and even flood remnants and weapons and vehicles to match. As well as enabling iconic settings to the franchise, this would also add to one of the main features to the standard battle royale… restoration.


As in Halo CE, Spartans will return to the requirement of using med kits. Now because of the ring destabilization, the Spartan shield recovery is limited. Shield can only be charged with a “charge stabilizer.” Both types available in two sizes.

A lot of thought went into making this concept both comparable yet different from other standing titles in the genre. With the customization landmarks set from Halo Reach to Guardians, the rest of the game dynamics are set.


Visual customization a cross of Reach and H5. From the helmet, individual shoulders, arms, chest, legs, feet, and accessory, making for incredibly unique Spartans throughout the battlefield.


Before you drop to the fracture in the ODST drop pod, pre-select a loadout that best suites your play style. Each Spartan would have these set attributes to stock, starting weapon, armor ability, tactical ability, and Armor mod.

Starting Weapon– pistol, plasma pistol, AR, Plasma Rifle, Mauler, or Spiker.

Armor Ability– jet pack, thruster pack(H5), armor lock, decoy, promethean vision, promethean turret.

Tactical Ability– power drain, bubble shield, regen, flare, tripmine, and motion sensor.

Armor Mod– active camo, overshield, invulnerability, EMP, and munitions drop.

If you didn’t hear, 343i Announced there will be no battle royale, and if you hadn’t realized by now these are just my ideas how to make one work, and by no means have anything to do with 343 or their work.

If anyone has any other ideas, thoughts or input, feel free to hit me up on twitter @SatisJaxon.

Be kind folks, stay fantastic, and keep safe,


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