Utopia Bound 8/11/20

We have a big news week this week! So we will go down that rabbit hole once we get there, but first an apology. Last week I had quite a bit going on and I announced that there would be no update for said week. As of this week, I have quite a bit to announce, but again I find myself short on time, I must soldier on!

First things first, Eric of JenEricLive is pursuing a job of full-time graphic artist. This puts him in the brackets with a great many full-time content creators, and between the two of them, Jen and Eric are truly fantastic! Please show them the support they deserve, and they will give you the content you deserve, in return.

JenEricLive is not the only brand looking to the future. Both NitroPunk and Forice have made another tremendous leap to a new platform. Everyone is looking to the future, and to the both of them, that means YouTube! Whichever way you march, they are marchin’ on over to YT.

After talking to Forice and NitroPunk, it seems just natural. The close on Mixer last month was a blindside for everyone invested, and a lot of people jumped to the next comfortable platform, as a means to steady ground to figure out the next move. So here we are the next move, at least for these two. YouTube is receiving some great content.

Forice YT

NitroPunk YT

Speaking of great YouTube content, we have a couple more announcements to hit you with! We added two more YouTube channels to the Nontoxic listing, as well as adding a Food and Fitness team to the Utopia Bound list of creators!

First up is our health team Cherko and Elili working to help us get healthy so we can pump out as much incredible creators for as long as possible. So with their new YouTube content Cherko and Family, they are branching out to help gamers become healthier, and thus granting more energized, entertainment for viewers.

Next is some of the most beautiful content I have ever seen. InfnitBlsing is just what the title provides, a seemingly infinite blessing of attractive gourmet dishes. A professional level cook with the passion to teach, this guy really has something to offer! Gaze upon his Video Menu and learn a many great ways to improve your culinary game.

We are currently working on a variety of programs and/or ideas to further Utopia Bound and our community. We too are looking to the future, hoping that we can both help others meet their content creation goals, as well as leading as an example for those who are out there, thinking that there is only one way to be or act.

Just remember…

Be kind and stay fantastic,


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