Project Munchies

I have spent some time away from writing here. So I have decided to share some of my less formal writings starting with my first written comic book script.

This is a satirical look at society in whole as well as popular culture. The story is mature for graphic depiction, language, drug use and innuendos.

This is Project Munchies…

Project Munchies

PAGE ONE (six panels)

Panel 1. It is twilight, and we open to an average family of three, a mother, a father and an eight year old little girl.  The little girl is in a pink tutu.  They are in their Minivan coming home from the little girl’s theatrical performance of some kind.  The little girl is already asleep, centered between the parents in the middle bench seat of the van.  The father is driving, and the mother in the passenger seat as the family travels through a sub-urban community.  You are looking from the inside of the  windshield of the Minivan, centered between the mother and father with the little girl(in a booster seat) asleep.  Her head hangs uncomfortably while her body is held upright by her seat belt.  All whole family is in the frame, and the parents appear to be early to mid 30’s dressed as upper-middle class.

Caption: One night in Buddington Heights.

Mom: Do you wanna look through the pictures I took, when we get home?

Panel 2.  Inside the vehicle, the two parents continue to talk as you can see the child sleeping sound in the back seat.  This panel is solely the child shown in the back, while the parents dialog comes from off panel.

Dad: You know, I was at the program too…

Mom: I want you to tell me how they turned out, jerk.

Panel 3.  Close up on the dad snickering to himself as he continues the conversation.

Dad: I was kidding.  Of course I will help.

Panel 4.  The van coming around the bend, you see a crime scene in the foreground.  There were two police cruisers, lights spinning, one was parked in the drive way of a home and the other one was parked at the curb in front of the home.  One officer was at the door talking to a woman who is apparently crying; While, two other officers wrestle a hand cuffed man to the ground.


Mom: You know you have been getting

more and more, what..the…

Panel 5.  Close up on the hand cuffed man.  His eyes are highly irritated to the point where the redness has a faint glow to it, and he is foaming at the mouth.  The man looks crazed and angry, so much so you may even think he was rabid.


PAGE TWO (six panels)

Panel 1.  Short wide panel of the profile view of a medium size black SUV driving through suburban style housing.  Speed lines or looks like it is moving kinda quick.  It is almost dawn but still dark.

Caption: Elsewhere in Buddington Heights…

Through windshield:  Pull over, kill him right here.

Panel 2.  View through the windshield of two hit men and their captive.  Hit man 1 is driving he is dressed in a nicely tailored black suit.  He is also african-american, clean shaven, and head shaved smooth.  Hit man 2 in the passenger seat, wearing a suit comparable to the first guy.  He, however, is white with a fade(hair style), and modern square, rounded corner, framed prescription glasses.  Also clean shaven.  The captive in the back seat Is in some very nice casual wear as he sits in the middle, and is easily seen between the two front seats.  Aside from the casual wear you will also notice that he is wearing a black bag/hood over his head, and he is leaned forward with his hands pinned behind his back, as though he is hand cuffed.  The Hit man 2 is talking.  Hit 1 Looking out the windshield and hit 2 looking over at the driver.

Hit man 1:  It’s not about killing him, it’s about the message. 

Hit man 2:  Yea..I know.

Panel 3.  Looking at hit 2 through passenger window.  You can see hit 1 still staring out the windshield emotionless.  Hit 2 is kinda in a daze, now looking forward.

Hit man 2:  Jus, this is my last job…

Hit man 1:  Farretti told me.

Hit man 1:  By the way, we have one more stop before we’re done.

Panel 4.  Both staring out the windshield again and both calm.  Looking from the back seat toward the windshield you see both hit men still looking out the front.  Hit one talking.

Hit man 2:  Let me out.

Hit man 1:  Can’t do that.

Panel 5.  Very small panel of the locking mechanism of the door going down and the sound effect stretched around it.


Panel 6.  Hit 2 has a gun out motioning to himself with it and his free hand.  He is emotional and erratic.  Hit 1 interrupts hit 2.

Hit man 2:  Let me out James!

Hit man 2:  Is this job more important than me?!

Hit man 2:  Does it mean–

Hit man 1:  How long have we been partners?

PAGE THREE(six panels)

Panel 1.  Close up hit 1, still calm and talking.

Hit man 1:  What?  Six years now?

Off Panel:  Yeah…

Panel 2.  Medium shot of Hit 1 with one hand on the wheel other hand on the back of Hit 2’s head being smashed face first into the dashboard.  Hit 1 is angry and yelling as he does it.  Hit 2’s glasses fly off his face as blood spews from his mouth and nose.  He has both hands on the dash trying to stop himself from colliding.  

Hit 1:  Then you should know better by now!!!


Panel 3.  Wide shot of the Hit men and their captive.  Hit 2’s bloody hands over his bloody face.  Looking over slightly at the joint Hit 1 is handing to him.  Hit 1 is serious again talking with smoke rolling out of his mouth.  The Joint lit and the left bottom palm on the wheel with a zippo lighter in his index finger, middle finger and thumb.  The lighter is open and still lit.

Hit man 1:  This should take the edge off.

Panel 4.  Close up on the hooded captive in the back.  Motionless.

Hit man 1(off panel):  Surprised he slept through that.

Hit man 2(off panel):  How can you talk to me like you’re not about to kill me?

Panel 5.  Close up Hit 2, blood all over his mouth and nose.  The bridge of his nose is also split open.

Hit man 2:  Will you even miss me?

Off Panel:  Every day…

Panel 6.  Over the steering wheel out the front windshield out of the driver seat.  Hit 1’s hands tight on the steering wheel as a severed arm smashes into the windshield, blood explodes across the glass.


PAGE Four(six panels)

Panel 1.  Mother sitting on the side of the bed, one leg crossed under her with that ankle under the knee of her opposite leg hanging off the bed, in a comfortable looking evening gown with a laptop on the bed in front of her, also you see a camera plugged into the laptop.  In the background you can clearly see the father drying his face with a hand towel at the opposite side of the bed.

Mom: Check out the pictures.

Dad: I will be there in a minute…

Dad: …but first…

Panel 2.  The dad moves closer to the bed with a devious look on his face while holding up a joint.  The mom looks pleasantly surprised.

Dad: We’ve been good today, we’ve earned a treat.

Mom: You’re so bad!

Dad: So, yes?

Mom: That was a yes.  Now get over here naughty man.


Panel 3.  Dad is settling in next to the mom on the bed, as the mother continues to watch the computer screen.

Dad: I like that one.

Mom: Was that Kenneth?

Panel 4.  Mom is facing the father, and he looks quite a bit confused as he points at the laptop screen.  They are practically shoulder to shoulder now.

Dad: That’s your kid.

Mom: No, I mean, in the Dodson’s yard.  That was him, wasn’t it?

Dad: Pretty sure…

Mom: What was wrong with him?

Dad: Maybe, bath salts…

Panel 5 and Panel 6 are side by side, the dialog will originate from the designated speaker.

Panel 5. Close up on the mother, facing panel 5 to the right.

Panel 6. Close up on the father, facing panel 4 to the left.

1 P6 Dad: Probably lost his job. Between unemployment and flirting with bankruptcy, bet he couldn’t take it.

2 P5 Mom: We’ve known him for long time, I couldn’t see him falling apart like that.

3 P6 Dad: A person can only take so much of the world hammering down on them before they just come out a little warped.

4 P5 Mom: You going to share that treat?


PAGE FIVE (six panels)

Panel 1.  There is a small, one story, three apartment structure, in between a mixed neighborhood of two story and single story homes.  This will also be across the street from the the Johnson family residence.  A man, with a ball cap, a light jacket and also a lunch box, is walking up the side walk toward the center apartment in the structure.  The man looks as though he is 25-30 years old.

Panel 2.  The man is now inside the hallway of his apartment hanging up his hat behind the door on a mounted coat hook.  You can see his friend, similar in age, sitting on the couch in the living room, watching T.V. and smoking from a bong.

Friend: How was work?

Man: SSDD, Same shit, different day…

Panel 3.  The man is standing in the doorway to the living room as he talks to his friend who is still on the couch, gesturing to the man with the bong and lighter.

Friend: Well then, I guess it is the perfect day to light it up!

Man: Nah…I’ll just have a drink, thanks though.

Friend: No prob, bro, but the offer stands.

Panel 4.  View of the living room.  The friend is still on the couch watching T.V., while the man disappears into the hallway.

Man: You want anything out of the kitchen?

Panel 5.  Man is leaning into the refrigerator.  You see the front of the door and he is hunched over looking inside.  You can hear his friend coughing from the other room.

SFX: Hack-cough-hukk



Friend: Yeah, bro, grab the sour cream and onion chips!

Man: Alright.

Panel 6.  The man is startled by a scream, which causes him to drop his beer to the floor.

Scream: Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhh!!!!


PAGE SIX (six panels)

Panel 1.  The man rushes back to the living room doorway as the friend is standing and peeking out the blinds, bong still in hand.

Man: What was that?

Friend: It sounded like a woman…It came from outside.

Panel 2.  The man and his friend burst through the front door of their apartment, leaving it wide open.

Friend: This shit is really killing my buzz.

Man: Think about someone other than yourself, Shawn.  A woman is in troub…holy…mother…of…hell…

Panel 3.  Close up on the man looking left, his eyes are wide open and he looks absolutely mortified.

Man: …Shawn…

Panel 4.  Close up on the man looking right, still in terror.

Man: …I think it may be best if we go back inside…

Panel 5.  Close up on the man facing forward as horror continues to hold him.

Man: …Shawn…

Panel 6.  Wide shot of a completely blacked out panel.  I would like to see the dialog transition into a scream or a SFX style caption.

Man: Shawn…what are you….Aaaaagggghhhhhh!!!!

PAGE 7 (nine panels)

Panel 1.  Back to the Johnson family home once again.  We now focus on the eight year old girl Tiffany, who was awaken by the sounds coming from her parents room right next to hers.  She lies now awake in bed on her side gripping her teddy bear tight.

SFX: creeeeeeeek!

SFX: Thud!

Panel 2.  Tiffany sits up in bed and calls out for her parents, while hugging her teddy bear tight to her chest.

Tiffany: Mom…

Tiffany: dad…

Panel 3.  The young girl is walking down the hallway toward her parent’s room, as the odd noises continue.


Panel 4.  Tiffany pushes at her parent’s bedroom door.

Tiffany: Mom?

Panel 5.  There stands, in the middle of her parent’s bedroom, her mother in a tattered evening gown soaked with blood, covered with scratches and talking to herself.

Mom: I…

Mom: am…

Mom: hungry, so…


Mom: …hun…

Panel 6.  Her mother turns to face her daughter at the door.  The mother looks crazed, with her eyes red to the point of glowing, and foaming at the mouth.

Mom: …HUNGRY!!!

Panel 7.  Mom lunges at Tiffany as she slams the door in her mother’s face.

Mom: Errugggglrlrlrl!!!

Tiffany: MOM!!!

Panel 8.  Tiffany runs down the hallway toward the front door. She is still holding on to her teddy bear by one arm as she runs, huffing the whole way.

Caption: Huff

Panel 9.  She reaches the front door and grabs the door knob with her free hand, she is still out of breath.

Caption:           Huff

Caption:           Huff


PAGE EIGHT (one panel and one half of a splash image)

Panel 1.  This panel will be at the very top left of page EIGHT.  It depicts the girl, Tiffany, as she steps outside her front door to the most horrific scene she has ever bared whiteness.  Her face should convey the horror that would be running through this young girl’s brain.

Splash image.  The rest of the page will go as follows.  The left half of the back of Tiffany’s head (at the bottom right hand side of the page) looking out on the streets overran by, what look to be, rabid cannibalistic people, and all of their attention was on her.  It should also show Hit man 2 after exiting the vehicle and left his door open, gnawing on the severed arm, which came in contact with the windshield, but he is now looking at her.  Hit man 1 has left his door open and has dragged the captive out of the back seat and was eating him.  All of the cannibals’ eyes are glowing red, with their mouths foaming.

*Note: The splash image on page EIGHT should line up and match the second half on page NINE.

 PAGE NINE (one panel and the second half of the splash image)

Panel 1.  This panel belongs in the very bottom right hand corner of the page.  All that you see in this panel is, blood soaked, feet, with Tiffany’s teddy bear between them, and the bottom of a tattered evening gown(Tiffany’s mother’s feet).

Splash image.  The rest of the page will go as follows.  The right half of the back of Tiffany’s head (at the very bottom left hand side of the page) looking out at the streets overran by, what look to be, rabid cannibalistic people, and all of their attention is now on her.  On this half you will notice the little, one story, apartment building across the street.  You will also notice Shawn, who was currently devouring his roommate, has now set his sights on Tiffany.  All of the cannibals’ eyes are glowing red, with their mouths foaming.

*Note: The splash image on page EIGHT should line up and match the second half on page NINE.

 PAGE TEN (five panels)

Panel 1.  The setting is a dank and dingy basement, with no true ceiling, just rafters, pipes and ducts.  This panel is looking across the ceiling at the light bulb hanging in the center of the room.

Caption: Several towns over, a master investigator, aggressively hones his skills in the basement of Leon’s Liquor Store.

FF: …Tell me what I want to hear.

Panel 2.  A side view of Lieutenant Colonel Leon Wolfe’s legs as he descends the old wooden stairs to the basement.  Right now you see Leon’s combat boots, and camouflaged cargo pants.

FF: I guess I will just have to kick the ever loving shit out of you, and then…then I expect to hear the words.

Panel 3.  Profile view of the left side of FF sitting in a rickety chair as Leon walks behind him.  Leon is wearing his military issued camouflaged shirt which matches his pants.  FF is wearing a tank top with a button-up tourist style floral shirt, and light tan cargo shorts.  The button up is completely unbuttoned and hanging wide open.  FF is also wearing a ball gag that has a couple straps that holding it on his face. 

FF: I hope you are ready…

FF: cause.

FF: here.

FF: it.


Panel 4.  FF is now standing with both hands extended into the air with a video game controller in one hand, and a wireless headset in his right ear, as announces his victory toward the heavens.

FF: You are my dirty little girlfriend!!!

FF: Muhuhuhahaha!!!

Leon: You know, Frank, if you spent less time playing that damn X-Flop console, and focused on your training, maybe you wouldn’t get your teeth knocked out your ass in every conflict.

Panel 5.  FF still standing, now with his hands to his sides, and turned his head to face Leon.  The controller is still in hand.

FF: Firstly, video games increase my hand-eye coordination, and that grants me happy trigger fingers, which in turn makes dudes dead, and second…

FF: It’s Fuck Face.

Title: (FxxxFace title and Logo)


PAGE ELEVEN (five panels)

Panel 1.  Leon is handing a cell phone to FF, as he sits on the couch.

Leon: These photos were sent to me by my contact from Buddington Heights.

Leon: We have to figure out what happened and put a stop to it.

Panel 2.  Leon is standing in front of FF who is now sitting on the couch, looking through the photos on the phone.

FF: So…would you say that this particular job has a high likelihood of contact with sexy ladies?

Leon: Pretty good chance of that, as long as you don’t mind that those “sexy ladies” rip the flesh                            from your bones with their teeth.  

FF: Should be aroused?

Leon:                             What the hell is wrong with you?

Panel 3.  Close up on Leon’s face, he is putting pressure between his eyes with his index finger and thumb, in an attempt to relieve his headache.

Leon: Frank, we are looking at a potential zombie apocalypse here.  I wish you could take this a little more seriously.

Panel 4.  FF looks up from the cell phone, at Leon.

FF: I’m sorry, were you talking to me?   Didn’t hear my name.

Leon: You know, when it boils right down to it, you are the biggest fuck face I know.

FF: Damn right I am!

Panel 5. Close up on FF.

FF: Don’t worry, you can count on me, but first I have to see a mime about a horse…

PAGE TWELVE (six panels)

Panel 1.  In the home of Mimey, FF’s side kick, the walls of the home are covered in anti-clown propaganda.  Mimey, the extremely muscular mime, is punching on a weighted balloon punching bag clown toy.  FF is in the entry way watching him smacking around the clown toy.  Mimey is a very large man, tall and very muscular.  He is wearing a striped black and white tank top, black pants and also a black beret.  His face is also painted up like a mime.

FF: I guess it is safe to say, you still have an issue or two with clowns.

FF: You will probably hate them until the end of days; Which, evidently is on it’s way.

FF: And we are being contracted to stop it from coming.

Panel 2.  Mimey is still working the clown punching bag over.

FF: Understand, there can be no running around and telling all your mime buddies.

FF: This is an Area 51 level government hush-hush, and we can’t have you blabbing to the silent entertainment community.

Panel 3.  Mimey stands before FF, with his hands on his hips with a look of disapproval on his face.

FF: O.K., so that wasn’t funny…anyway we have to get going.  

Panel 4.  FF is headed toward a doorway off the side of the living room as Mimey positions himself in front of him in order to stop him.

FF: You can go get some essentials around while I slap a saddle on Penelope, then we can head out…

FF: What’s that, you forgot to feed her?  That’s fine. I’ll just give her a snack before we…

Panel 5.  Close up on FF, he is angry and shocked.

FF: You forgot to feed her for six months?!?  Why didn’t you call me???

FF: I am to blame here, I should have never left a living, breathing, animal, with someone who can’t even keep his voice alive…

FF: Not to mention the fact that it smells like rotten ass…She’s still in there isn’t she???

Panel 6.  Mimey is slunk over in shame as FF looks at him inquisitively.

FF: Mimey, my friend, you are one, disgustingly, lazy dude…

FF: So then…how do we get there?


PAGE THIRTEEN (five panels)

Panel 1.  FF and Mimey walk into a garage to see a 1976 purple Fiat two door, FF face palms himself in disbelief.

FF: A Fiat?!?

FF: So, you hate clowns, but you will drive their car?

FF: Do you bang all their clown wives too???

FF: How the hell do you expect to fit any gear in that thing?

Panel 2.  Close up on FF with one hand on his hip and the other hand extended out in a manner to suggest he is presenting the vehicle, with his head turned to talk shit to Mimey.

FF: It’s not that we have to leave a thing or two behind, we, literally, have no room to bring anything, not in that micro machine.

FF: Yeah, great fuel economy…right.

FF: Whatever you say closet clown.

Panel 3.  Mimey is down on his hands and knees head down sulking as FF continues to pick at him.

FF: Just start packing shit up, whatever won’t fit is left behind.

FF: …and get up off the floor.  Don’t you think that the crying mime act is a bit cliché?

Panel 4.  FF is now on the phone and Mimey is in the background carrying an invisible object that looks to be incredibly heavy.

FF: Mimey and I will be on the road in about twenty minutes.

FF: We took the job Leon, so consider it as good as done.

Panel 5.  Mimey is tightening an invisible rope to secure the invisible items to the roof top with one foot pressed against the side of the vehicle as he pulls it tight.

FF: Are you done yet?  

FF: Get in the car already…


PAGE FOURTEEN (six panels)

Panel 1.  The Fiat is now parked in front of Leon’s Liquor.  Dialog is off panel.

Off panel: How am I supposed to take you two seriously?

Panel 2.  FF shrugs and tries to explain what had brought them back.

FF: We just got a little lost that’s all.

Leon: Lost?  You are supposed to be top notch “fixers,” and you can’t even find the, god damn, job site!

Panel 3.  Close up on Leon’s face angry and yelling.

Leon: Jesus, boys, this is a high priority case and you two are bumbling around like a couple of idiots.

Panel 4.  FF and Mimey are in front of Leon, who is obviously still pissed off.

FF: To be fair, I was being fed directions by a mime.  It was like GPS charades…I always lose charades…

Leon:           Then why was he giving you directions?

FF:           Duh!  Because he is the navigator.

Leon: Since you two have proven your complete and total incompetence, I have taken the liberty to assign you a                             babysitter.

Panel 5.  The door swings open and in walks a very attractive, and exotic, young woman, wearing knee high combat boots, cargo pants, and a light jacket that matches her pants.

Leon: Gentlemen, this is my daughter, Gabriella.

PAGE FIFTEEN (six panels)

Panel 1.  Gabriella is now standing next to Leon as FF approaches her and kisses her on the hand.  Her face expresses disgust as he does so.

FF: Why hello you pretty little thing, my name is Fuck Face, but you may call me daddy.

Leon: I know he is vile, Gabby, but you’ll get used to him.

Panel 2.  Gabby is looking up at Mimey in awe, FF is hunched over and in shock as Gabby pulled her hand from his. Mimey flexing his muscles like a professional body builder.

Gabby: Look at this mountain of a mime…

Panel 3.  Mimey in a different position still flexing, and FF is standing behind Gabby, and he is still sulking.

Gabby: …muscle upon rippling muscle…

FF: Steroids…

Panel 4.  FF is standing in front of Gabby now.  Hands waving in front of her face trying to get her attention.  Gabby looks unimpressed.

FF: Ya know, I took steroids once, purely to decrease the size of my enormous–

Interrupt FF, Off Panel: Enough of this pointless banter.

Panel 5.  Gabby has returned to her father’s side.  Leon is a little irritated as he speaks.

Leon: I expect completion within the week.

Leon: …And Gabriella will ensure that you get it done.

Panel 6.  Close up on Leon’s face, he has a rather stern look.

Leon: Good Luck.


PAGE SIXTEEN (six panels)

Panel 1.  At the very edge of town the Fiat comes across a blockade, that brings them to a stop.  FF and Gabby are inside the Fiat, and Mimey is on the roof of the vehicle.  Mimey is sitting on his butt with his knees to his chest as he holds himself on top of the car by the frames of the doors on either side.

Gabby: Guess we are on foot from here…

FF: Says everyone, ever killed in a horror film.

Panel 2.  The group have exited the vehicle, and are gearing up.  Gabby has a sniper rifle slung over her shoulder.

FF: WTF?!?

FF: You sure you can handle that, girly?

Gabby: Shut your mouth and listen up, dip shit…

Panel 3. Close up on Gabby pointing to the rooftops.

Gabby: …I am going to find the highest point in town to cover you and your handsome friend here…

Panel 4.  FF stands there looking around as Mimey is stuck behind an invisible wall.

Gabby: Look around, find out what you can and we will meet back up in an hour.

FF: Yes sir, Captain Pissy pants!

Panel 5.  Gabby is now in a face to face stare down with FF.  She looks angry and he is looks amused. 

Gabby: I do not appreciate your childish antics…

FF: Is it difficult to be this close to me without a feel-ski?

Panel 6.  Gabby gut checks FF with the butt of her rifle.

FF: I bet it is diff…uhhnff…

Gabby: Get to work, and be back in an hour.

FF: …icult…


PAGE SEVENTEEN (six panels)

Panel 1.  FF and Mimey are walking down the side walk of a strip mall.  There are little shops and stores side by side down each side of the street.  As FF talks he is interrupted by strange sounds.  FF has two guns holstered and strapped to his sides under his open button-up shirt.

FF: I can’t believe she hit me either.

FF: If she thought that was bad, she should see me on Tequila Tuesday. Huh…

FF: Did you hear that?  quiet down you mime freak, and listen…

Panel 2.  They are crouched down as FF waves to Mimey to follow him, and traced the odd sounds to a wooden fence between a couple of stores.

FF: It’s coming from over here. It sounds like growling.

FF: Stay down, and keep close.

Panel 3.  Mimey and FF hang on to the top of the fence as they look over to see a parking lot, at the bottom of a hill, overflowing with zombie-esk looking people.

FF: Hol—y Bajeezus!  He wasn’t kidding when he said zombies.

Panel 4.  As the two continue to hang on to the fence Mimey hangs his head in shame as FF faces him.

FF: And don’t think I didn’t hear that.  You outta be ashamed.


Panel 5.  The fence gives in and falls forward sending them, struggling to hold on, into the parking lot.

FF: What the Fu—uuaaaghhhhh!!!

Panel 6.  The two smash through the horde of cannibals like bowling pins while sliding in on the fence.

PAGE EIGHTEEN (nine panels)

Panel 1.  FF and Mimey rise from the fence as it rests on a mound of flesh eaters.  In the background you can see the hill with stairs climbing all the way up to the back of the stores from the strip mall.  FF is holding a .22 caliber pistol and Mimey is using his index finger and his thumb in the shape of a gun.

FF: This is your fault, you freaky ass kinda-clown!

Panel 2.  FF and Mimey are back to back as Gabby is on a rooftop behind them sniping down on the masses.

Gabby yells down: Looks like you boys could use some help!!

FF: Nah…This isn’t the first time I faced a meat hungry populous.

Panel 3.  Mimey and FF jump off opposite sides of the fence, guns blazing.  



FF: Hell yeah!  Enjoy your died!

FF: Clear out as many as you can.  We have to fight our way through.

Panel 4.  A shot of Mimey, still firing, salutes FF while, in the background, Gabby jumps from one rooftop to another.

Gabby: Consider them dead!

Panel 5.  FF is firing wildly into the horde of cannibals.


Panel 6.  A cannibal has snuck up behind FF and is about to sink his teeth into FF’s neck, but he notices the man eater.

Panel 7.  FF quickly turns and puts the barrel of his pistol into the cannibal’s mouth as it bites down on the gun.  At that moment Gabby has fired at that specific cannibal hitting it in the neck, decapitating it.

SFX(gun in mouth): KTTCHICT


Panel 8.  A man eater has its left arm extended over Mimey’s right arm as he has a hold of the cannibal’s neck.  Mimey’s left hand is around the cannibal’s right wrist as he fights it off.

FF: Hold ‘em still, Mimey!

Panel 9.  FF shoots the cannibal, which is assaulting Mimey, in the head, through the head that is still on the end of his pistol.  Both heads explode.


PAGE NINETEEN (five panels)

Panel 1.  Mimey is covered in grey matter, as FF points in his direction laughing.  Gabby set up on a roof top behind the two.

FF: Ah-ha hooo, please tell me somebody saw that.

Gabby: Shut up! You should be focusing on getting the hell out of there!

Panel 2.  FF kicks a cannibal right in the chest, placing the sole of the shoe flat on its chest.

FF: That is a valid…

FF: Point!

Panel 3.  The cannibal that FF kicked to the ground, is now pinned under FF’s foot which is right on its chest.  FF swings back and pistol whips another cannibal in the face.

FF: However, may the record show that I shot a dude in the head through another dude’s head.

Panel 4.  FF shoots both cannibals in the head.



Panel 5.  FF looks over at Mimey who is now twirling an invisible lasso over his head.

FF: Really??  Fighting zombies and you opt for a lasso.

Gabby: Fuck Face, on your six!

PAGE TWENTY (four panels)

Panel 1.  FF is facing a cannibal that is standing on top of a car.  He has his fire arm pointed at the man eater.



FF: All joking aside, I’m up shit creak and I’m fresh out of paddles.


Panel 2.  The cannibal lunges toward FF as he turns away looking for help.


Panel 3.  The cannibal’s elbows are tightly pinned to its sides, as if it had something wrapped around him.  Mimey, in the background, has the end of what appears to be an invisible rope.

Panel 4.  Mimey is swinging the cannibal in circles using it as a wrecking ball to hit other cannibals.  FF watches on in total awe.


SFX: Kapow!,  Smack!, Whopp!

FF: Didn’t see that coming.

PAGE TWENTY-ONE(six panels)

Panel 1.  Gabby is now standing up with the but of her rifle resting on her hip and the barrel in the air as she is yelling at FF and Mimey, and pointing at toward the rear entrance to the strip mall.

Gabby: Survivor!!

Panel 2.  Show a glimpse of someone entering a store from the employee entrance in the back of the store, “The Mad Batter.”

FF: Mimey…

FF: That’s our cue. 

Panel 3.  Mimey tugs FF backwards by his shirt collar.

FF: Just remember to bring ’em back ali–

Panel 4.  Mimey uses FF as a melee weapon to swat away the cannibals that are near them.

FF: Put…

FF: Me…


Panel 5.  Mimey shoves FF feet first in a diagonal motion, leaving him with his arms pinned down to his sides, and his body completely straight, with his face angled toward the rooftops toward the direction of the survivor. 

FF: Don’t you dare!

Panel 6.  Mimey is lighting an invisible fuse at FF’s feet.

FF: You don’t have the…

PAGE TWENTY-TWO(six panels)

Panel 1.  FF is sent rocketing through the air over the side of the store.  It looks like he will land on the roof.  Have the dialog take the place of the sfx of him traveling through the air.


FF: Nice aim, dead eye!

Panel 2.  FF has fallen through a skylight onto a table stocked with shirts.  There are six cannibals around the front of the store with FF, all wearing the blue, V-neck, employee T-shirt.  There is one mannequin on each side of his head and an empty 50 gallon bucket on the floor to the left of the table.

FF: That, actually, was a pretty good shot…

Panel 3.  FF looks to his right and sees a man-eater.

FF: For Christ-sakes! Give me a break!

Panel 4.  FF pushes the mannequin on the right into the cannibal on that side as he rolls off the table on the other side.

Cannibal: eehhhhrrhh–

SFX: Crack! 

FF: It would be nice if I had the means to defend myself.

Panel 5.  FF lands on his knees with one hand just over the top of the empty 50 gallon bucket, eye level with a sign that reads, “Baseball Bats 15% Off!”  He looks disappointed.

FF: It would be empty…

Panel 6.  FF puts the bucket over the head of the closest  cannibal, and proceeds to kick the bucketed man-eater into the rest of them.

FF: There has to be something around here…


Panel 1.  FF is running down the isle ways looking around.

FF: Think…Fuck Face…

FF: Come on…think…

Panel 2.  FF stopped at the end of an isle way.  He looks pretty pleased with himself.

FF: Now we’re talking…

Panel 3.  The cannibals are back up and stumbling around the store, you do not see FF here.

Cannibal: eehhhhhh…

Panel 4.  One cannibal turns a corner to an isle way where FF is staring at him with a baseball pulled back in a jockstrap as though it were a slingshot, and a gym bag full of baseballs slung over his shoulder.

Cannibal: ehhrruuhh…

FF: Me thinks it a bit odd that the jockstraps are right next to the balls…

FF: But now’s not the time to criticize.


Panel 5.  FF lets the baseball go as it cracks the cannibal in the face, knocking its head back.


Panel 6.  The cannibal is out cold at FF’s feet.

FF: This seems efficient.

PAGE TWENTY-FOUR(seven panels)

Panel 1.  FF dives into the open, out of the isle, firing baseball into the face of another cannibal.

SFX: Thud!

FF: Say, ahhh!

Panel 2.  Show three cannibals all being pelted over and over again, being struck numerous times and flinching.

SFX: Thwut!, Crack!, Whack!

Panel 3.  FF standing over the twitching cannibals as he looks around.

FF: There should be…one…more…

Panel 4.  FF looks down on the cannibal that had the 50 gallon bucket on its head.  It was just wriggling around on the floor trapped in the bucket.

FF: Here we are.

FF: Man, they are not very bright.

Panel 5.  The cannibal is in the foreground, now upside-down in the 50 gallon bucket that is now upright, as FF walks toward the back of the store, in the background.

Panel 6.  As FF makes his way behind the service counter he notices the doorknob on the storage closet jiggling.


FF: Hello??

Panel 7.  Small panel as FF reaches out for the doorknob, which is still jiggling.


FF: I’m here to help…

PAGE TWENTY-FIVE (nine panels)

Panel 1.  The door bursts open and one of the man eaters knocked FF to the ground and landed on top of him.  FF has his forearm pressed to the creature’s throat trying to fend him off.



Panel 2.  Profile shot close up to the cannibal’s face as he snaps at FF’s face.



Panel 3.  FF reaches out and grabs an ice skate off the floor near him as he continues to fight off the zombie that is still atop him.


Panel 4.  FF shoves the blade of the ice skate into the creature’s mouth shattering its teeth and slicing the corners of the zombie’s mouth.

Panel 5.  The monster sits up and screams in agonizing pain, FF is still holding the skate.

Canibal:                               Raaaaaaggggghhhh!!

Panel 6.  FF slams the blade of the ice skate right in between its eyes.


Panel 7.  FF is now leaning on the inside of the service desk as he sits on the floor trying to recover from his scuffle.  You can see someone’s feet just above FF’s head as they are standing on the service counter.

Anonymous: Lights out Fuck Face!

Panel 8.  FF stands up and turns around as he asks his question just to be interrupted by a baseball bat to the side of the head.  You still do not get a good look at the anonymous man.  I would like to see the dialog transition into the sound effect of this panel.

FF and SFX: How do you kno—CRACK!!!

Panel 9.  FF is flat on his face on the floor at the man’s feet.

PAGE TWENTY-SIX(splash image)

Splash image.  A silhouette of 10-15 people standing with a bright light behind them.  The one in the middle has a baseball bat over their shoulder.  And you are looking up from FF’s point of view laying on the floor.

Caption: To be continued…

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