Utopia Bound 8/11/20

We have a big news week this week! So we will go down that rabbit hole once we get there, but first an apology. Last week I had quite a bit going on and I announced that there would be no update for said week. As of this week, I have quite a bit to announce, but again I find myself short on time, I must soldier on!

First things first, Eric of JenEricLive is pursuing a job of full-time graphic artist. This puts him in the brackets with a great many full-time content creators, and between the two of them, Jen and Eric are truly fantastic! Please show them the support they deserve, and they will give you the content you deserve, in return.

JenEricLive is not the only brand looking to the future. Both NitroPunk and Forice have made another tremendous leap to a new platform. Everyone is looking to the future, and to the both of them, that means YouTube! Whichever way you march, they are marchin’ on over to YT.

After talking to Forice and NitroPunk, it seems just natural. The close on Mixer last month was a blindside for everyone invested, and a lot of people jumped to the next comfortable platform, as a means to steady ground to figure out the next move. So here we are the next move, at least for these two. YouTube is receiving some great content.

Forice YT

NitroPunk YT

Speaking of great YouTube content, we have a couple more announcements to hit you with! We added two more YouTube channels to the Nontoxic listing, as well as adding a Food and Fitness team to the Utopia Bound list of creators!

First up is our health team Cherko and Elili working to help us get healthy so we can pump out as much incredible creators for as long as possible. So with their new YouTube content Cherko and Family, they are branching out to help gamers become healthier, and thus granting more energized, entertainment for viewers.

Next is some of the most beautiful content I have ever seen. InfnitBlsing is just what the title provides, a seemingly infinite blessing of attractive gourmet dishes. A professional level cook with the passion to teach, this guy really has something to offer! Gaze upon his Video Menu and learn a many great ways to improve your culinary game.

We are currently working on a variety of programs and/or ideas to further Utopia Bound and our community. We too are looking to the future, hoping that we can both help others meet their content creation goals, as well as leading as an example for those who are out there, thinking that there is only one way to be or act.

Just remember…

Be kind and stay fantastic,


Halo Infinite Battle Royale

It has been talked about and ridiculed up to the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal at the Xbox Showcase this year. Many believe that 343i should stay away from the BR genre, while others would like them to embrace the same reasoning that pushed other 4v4-6v6 shooters to the intense war zones we have now.

Whether you want the Halo BR to remain a 3-round burst rifle or become the real “Combat Evolved” version of the franchise, I’ll bring you what to expect out of a full on Spartan Battle Royale…


First things first, where would this type of battle take place? Why not a destabilized fracture of a Halo ring? Using this would allow for a verity of detail within the fractured installation. Forerunner structures, covenant and human outposts, and even flood remnants and weapons and vehicles to match. As well as enabling iconic settings to the franchise, this would also add to one of the main features to the standard battle royale… restoration.


As in Halo CE, Spartans will return to the requirement of using med kits. Now because of the ring destabilization, the Spartan shield recovery is limited. Shield can only be charged with a “charge stabilizer.” Both types available in two sizes.

A lot of thought went into making this concept both comparable yet different from other standing titles in the genre. With the customization landmarks set from Halo Reach to Guardians, the rest of the game dynamics are set.


Visual customization a cross of Reach and H5. From the helmet, individual shoulders, arms, chest, legs, feet, and accessory, making for incredibly unique Spartans throughout the battlefield.


Before you drop to the fracture in the ODST drop pod, pre-select a loadout that best suites your play style. Each Spartan would have these set attributes to stock, starting weapon, armor ability, tactical ability, and Armor mod.

Starting Weapon– pistol, plasma pistol, AR, Plasma Rifle, Mauler, or Spiker.

Armor Ability– jet pack, thruster pack(H5), armor lock, decoy, promethean vision, promethean turret.

Tactical Ability– power drain, bubble shield, regen, flare, tripmine, and motion sensor.

Armor Mod– active camo, overshield, invulnerability, EMP, and munitions drop.

If you didn’t hear, 343i Announced there will be no battle royale, and if you hadn’t realized by now these are just my ideas how to make one work, and by no means have anything to do with 343 or their work.

If anyone has any other ideas, thoughts or input, feel free to hit me up on twitter @SatisJaxon.

Be kind folks, stay fantastic, and keep safe,


Utopia Bound 7/27/20

This week I’m excited to announce that we at Utopia Bound are driving a force in a healthy direction. It’s well known that healthy eating habits and exercise can battle depression and anxiety. It’s because of this I’m happy to welcome CherkoTTV and EliliGill as the face of Utopia’s health movement.

These two are actually physical education teachers as well as interactive streamers. Once on mixer, now creating content for Twitch. These two are truly inspiring, we can’t wait to see the ways they can help us stay healthy, in body and mind.

On another note of change, a member of the great content team known as JenEricLive, Eric to be specific, has left his job and is currently pursuing a full time graphic design gig! You can find his info through the link above, and commissions are open people!!! You don’t want to miss out on such a creative mind. From immaculate props to beautiful profile art, and tying his better half to bring us the live content as well, you really have to shoot them a follow!

A lot of things are changing in the world right now, and a lot of them for the better, this includes Utopia. We have already announced our Twitter, Merch and Twitch profiles that went live a couple weeks ago, and we’d like to delve a little deeper into what we are doing with each.

Utopia on Twitter:

We thought this would be a really cool tool for a different kind of stream. The Utopia Bound official Twitter handle is a current of going live links and content uploads to YouTube. It makes for a very simple way to navigate nontoxic content across twitch and YouTube combined, as well as the ability to rapidly share content links without having to jump to different creator pages.

Utopia on Twitch:

Here is something original;D not really… As of right now our Twitch channel is just hosting streams, but we are working toward a podcast soon…

Utopia Merch:

All the profit from merch, subs, bits, and/or donations will go directly into Utopia Bound’s community or in support of other small streamers. Be it donations, bits, or giveaways, we plan to leave all income within the name that is Utopia.

Our primary focus is being a reliable source of content. Let’s work together to help others, and make a community to be proud of.

Remember to be kind, stay fantastic, and safe,


Utopia Bound 7-20-20

So we do not have a lot of announcements as of the last week, but we do have some exciting news to come later this week. A majority of the content creators shared on Utopia Bound are fans of Xbox or Microsoft. Later this week, we will, finally, get to know more about Halo Infinite, as well as the official launch date and price of the much anticipated Xbox Series X. I don’t have much information on either but I am excited for the announcements.

We do have a little info on one of the Selected from Utopia Bound. One of our own made Affiliate on twitch this past week, so let’s give a shout out to Grizzly 1991! This dude is fun, friendly, and engaging, so go give him some love!

That’s all she wrote for now,

Be kind, and stay fantastic,


Utopia Bound 7/13/20

(Image by TinkoRoboto)

This is week two of the first real push for the Utopia Bound community! I can tell you we have been working hard trying to push this group to its limits to best benefit the content creators in house and anyone else who happens by.

First and foremost I want to explain what exactly we want to accomplish. After that, we have several new features activated and a couple of features that are in the works and have yet to be completed.

Utopia Bound is an attempt at providing reliable nontoxic content to people. This content comes in a variety of ways.

Types of Content Creators:

Artists– We have a handful of professional and published illustrators and comic book artists.

Musician– If you ever wanted your very own private beat or piece of music to use on your channel, we have just the guy to introduce you to.

Support– There are many forms of content support here. From advice to tech support, from video editing coaching to discord professional help, from game suggestions to PC build suggestions. We are stocked to help perfect your craft.

Guaranteed Content– This is a generalization of the overall mission but also there is a list of guaranteed nontoxic streamers to watch. Their profiles are small but we have included links to social media as well.

Tools– there are links for a handful of bots utilized by streamers available, with experienced input on efficiency of said tools.

So far we have been stockpiling content creators and services for content creators. What’s different now? We are pushing into a full force. Over the next couple weeks we will be implementing procedures to better advertise our current creators.

Moving Forward:

Twitch Channel- Utilizing our Utopia Bound Channel on Twitch, will allow us to do a couple of things. Firstly we can auto host everyone guaranteed to be non-toxic, but we are also looking into a podcast covering content creation across platforms, gaming, and tech.

Twitter account- The Twitter account is already in full effect. When one of the guaranteed content creators, be it Twitch or YouTube at this point, go live or post a video it automatically tweets it live from the official account.

Merch Page- The merch page was started and there was a conflict with the art so it may be a while before the merch page is live. Any and all income/profits, from the merch store or donations, will be turned directly back into Utopia Bound.

YouTube- YouTube has potential for a community such as this. We can share videos of events, achievements, and even announcements.

Schedules- We also look to adding stream schedules into the profiles on the discord server. Already in the profile is the average rating, most common content, and social media links.

Before we go and because I forgot it in the last write up, we have some announcements! As most of you know, Mixer is shutting down. With that in mind, there were so many Mixer Partners who lost all of their progress and work and had to start over, but with all the experience they have been moving up the ranks quickly. Let’s take a moment to highlight a few people.

CherkoTTV has made affiliate what I’ve heard. Now Cherko wasn’t actually a Mixer Partner, but this guys definitely deserved the title. From a dedicated stream schedule to the levels of dedication to the viewers, he is fun and entertaining to be around, and I for one am glad that he gets to share the same benefits on twitch as the other streamers of his caliber.

JenEricLive is actually a duo, Jen and Eric pulled me in with a Cosplay stream. Their dedication to prop making, and overall characters, it’s no wonder that with so little time on Twitch, they hit affiliate and passed the 100 sub mark! Absolutely incredible!

Lastly on the YouTube front, Electric Spark has numerous videos ready for upload, all pre-streamed content, of the four of these dudes speed running vintage video games. Also on YouTube we are looking forward to the next Video from our friend GoKu DBZ coming soon, so keep an eye out!

To keep track of what’s to come please shoot us a follow here, and on the Utopia Bound Twitter handle, that will be listed below. Expect video updates and going live links for everyone included in the guaranteed streamer section of the discord server.




That’s all for now kids, but remember,

Be kind, and stay fantastic,


Utopia Bound 7/6/2020

As of the last few weeks I have been in discussions with the streamers and the admins of Utopia Bound, and I have come to the conclusion that this group definitely has potential and deserves to be public.

There will be a more prevalent drive forward. For this I have the following features to add to Utopia Bound:

-Utopia Bound merch store

-Streamer schedules

-Streamer/Gamer/Nerd talk Podcast

-Announcements for achievements and upcoming events for Utopia’s Selected

As far as implementation, that’s all down to convenience. Schedules and announcements/newsletter should be updated shortly, and the podcast may be a YouTube series, either way expected to start sometime within the next two months.

Lastly any money earned via merch or donation will go directly into Utopia Bound to better and benefit our growing community, be it for tourneys or for random donations to support Nontoxic streamers outside said community.

Myself and several other admins are excited for these advancements and hope to be of some help!

Stop by for help with content. Art, music, tech and game support as well as video editing!

Utopia Bound Discord Server

Thanks folks,

Be kind, stay fantastic,


Pot, Gaming, and Heroin

I bet you are wondering where I’m going with this. While we will be discussing the above title, this article is dedicated to my streamer and artists brothers and sisters who struggle with depression and anxiety on a daily basis.

Many people look at what I have and they don’t understand why I am at war with depression and anxiety. I have the love of my life, fooled her into marrying me and have three beautiful, and intelligent kids, “So what’s this guy have to be depressed about?” That’s the thing, kids, you don’t get a say in feelings. If you had a choice in your emotions, they would then, in fact, be referred to as options.

It isn’t really necessary for me to get into what makes me, ME, but I’m going to. What I am about to share with you is embarrassing to me, and I am very sensitive about this. No one aside my wife really understands the magnitude of issues, because she has been here with me through all of the “factors.”

To really know me, my name is Jeremy, I am 32 years old and I was raised in a household below poverty level. It was actually my whole drive behind my work ethic, well that and the inconsistency from my parents. My parents weren’t around, actually I spent a lot of time completely alone, which is where I honed my skills as an artist.

My mother and father were never together, at least not within my memory. My father married elsewhere and while I visited I didn’t really get to see him. He spent too much time at work trying to afford the new wife and kids, my step-siblings were actually ok, so that wasn’t terrible, but I also didnt get to live with them. Not at first. No that took an underage at 14, before the custody change.

My life revolved around partying and alcohol when I was still in elementary school. My mother had a hard time holding a job, and would have ppl over to hang out “smoke” and drink. If I’m completely honest, it wasn’t until later I realized what they were smoking, but it explained why she was always shut up in her room. She didn’t want us to know. Now I say us, because I am one of four boys.

My brothers didn’t really live with us. I was quiet and never got in trouble, until the afore mentioned underage, but I didn’t get caught or in trouble often. My brothers on the other hand were kinda heathens. Since she couldn’t handle them full time, they were shipped off to their dads. We didn’t have the same dads. My older bro and the one just under me share a dad, but my youngest has his own as do I. So sometimes she would be shut away from us, but other time I was just shut away. To this day I still struggle to carry a normal conversation with other human beings, but cut me some slack, I haven’t much practice.

Due to the lack of work, and amount of partying, we didn’t get to stay in a house long. Even got moved into a drug dealers house. We moved fairly often, and it was hard to make friends. Not to mention, sometimes it led to bare cupboards. Just how it was.

We had a couple of male “role models” in our lives. The first I can remember was a raging alcoholic. Never hit us boys but he’d beat the crap out of mom from time to time, but having said that, I have flash memories of her getting beat up by my youngest brothers dad too. It wasn’t in common for those two guys to take myself and or my brothers on drug runs. Don’t worry, we never went inside. They’d just leave us in the car for an hour or so. It wasn’t until much later that I realized what that was. Sitting there really wasn’t much different from every other day, I mean I was still, usually, alone, but at least I had something different to look at.

First time I tried alcohol I was 5 years old and I hated it. I didn’t start drinking until I was 12 or 13, which is also the time I started smoking marijuana. I drank a lot, probably because my “step-dads” bought a lot of alcohol, a lot of times for mom, who preferred pot, so us boys would drink hers and the alcoholic would just replace it and no one ever noticed. Even when we’d refill the vodka with water, no one seemed to catch on.

By the time I hit 8th grade I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, smoked weed every time mom left, and drank bi-weekly, and nobody was the wiser. Of course by eighth grade we were getting drinks from my moms friends. She would act upset about it, but still let it happen. Just a shame really.

My first and only underage was actually cigarettes. An undercover cruiser stopped a few friends and I. We got a court summons, and though we were all busted, apparently I was the one who had to pay. Had a fine and no one was going to pay it for me, I had to get a job, which wasn’t a bad thing really, helped change my characteristics the long haul. That’s how I ended up at dads.

The next four years at my dads wasn’t bad. I wasn’t alone anymore really, I get along well with the step-brother he’s a good dude for sure, he’s probably the biggest reason I am so heavy into gaming so for that I am grateful.

Outside of high school is where things really started to pick up. I have three brothers, over the span of ten years, all three of them ended up on heroin. To this day all three are clean. Two of them struggle, but one is in prison, but only after a botched drug deal and he was violently stabbed almost to death, and my other brother who tends to destroy property, and he found himself in and out of jail as well.

My brother just younger than me, has been clean for around three years and I am very proud. He got married, got custody of his daughter who lived with a sociopath.

My older brother, the one in prison still doesn’t get to see his kids. One who lives a thousand miles away and the other who’s mom and step-dad who just went to jail for child abuse/endangerment/neglect.

My life has been an interesting one, I’m not good with people, but I want to be. I don’t drink, or smoke(anything) anymore. I want to be the opposite of everything I was hurt by. I want to help others, especially those who fight the same battle as I do day to day.

If you feel low, find someone to talk to. I’ll even talk shoot me a message. Take care of yourselves, be considerate and take care of each other.


Be kind and stay fantastic,


The Duke Returns!

I know how the title sounds, but we are not talking about the Western legend, John Wayne, no. The launch of the original Xbox back in November of 2001, the first grasp of the Microsoft gaming world was a chunk, to say the least. The first controller was a honking beast of an analog monstrosity, and I loved it. Eventually known as the “Duke” it gained a fan following, enough so that we are seeing the reappearance, reproduced by Hyperkin, two generations later with the Xbox one.

Duke launch trailer

Now this is a fairly late article to be clear, but I finally talked myself into the purchase, and I am so glad I did! As I played the several test games, it was a learning curve to get back into the feel and comfort of that hefty piece of tech, with a sweet throwback animation built into the controller.

The differences between the XBone controller and the Duke is great. From the button layout, though the recent rendition is sporting the bumpers which the original lacked, to the one full pound of extra weight on the Duke.

To be completely honest, the release of the Duke eluded me. I remembered the announcement, but then there was nothing. No more advertising, just a release down the line and I was oblivious to its obtainability. It wasn’t until my long time friend, no my brother in-gaming-arms Lupes, took a break from building some top tier gundams, to flaunt the translucent green Duke. I needed one NOW! So that’s just what I did, ran out, or rather twiddled the ol’ thumbs on over to Amazon to snag me up the beautiful translucent red slab of thumb stick heaven.

While I could only find the black, green, and red, I found an image of available colors from the Microsoft certified Makers of the controller, Hyperkin.

I have never been happier with the controller. So far all of the buttons and thumb sticks are more responsive than my Official Xbox controller. On top of the responsiveness, I have noticed better audio quality from my headset as well. I don’t know why or even if it’s just in my head, but the hype is real. And so far the tech is spectacular. If you were a fan of the Duke, then it’s worth the buy. It would take some time to get used to it, but after about four games of Apex Legends, I’m right back in the game.

remember, friends, to stay safe,

And as always, be kind and stay fantastic,


Photo References:




And yours truly;D

Season 5 Apex Legends

Season 5 of Apex Legends is upon us, and my friend, The wife, and I jumped into action for day one. So far the new content is pretty fantastic! Love the new character, as well as the new Kings Canyon! There are several other added changes to the overall game, and we will dive a little deeper into that intel, as we hit the breakdown…

The first bit I want to touch on is obviously the new character. When I first loaded up as Loba I was expecting the same basic ability that past characters, like Pathfinder, And Wraith, with the quick transport to a close/medium range. Instead I feel her basic ability is more sophisticated. The ring travels a little slower than I’d like but it has great range especially for exiting or outrunning the storm.

Loba’s passive is really useful, especially if you are fairly well kitted. She can see through anything! Within her range, which is ridiculous. Basically if you land in any titled location you will see all of the purple or gold loot in that area, and if you know what the basic shapes are you can tell what the loot is from a distance.

This girl’s ult is spectacular! “Black Market open for business!” Loba can open up shop for a location and pull all the merch for that area, within range. You can only pick 2 objects from the shop, but most of the time that’s all you will need.

Now that we have the new character out of the way, we can move on to the other changes. Naturally we have a new map…well an old map….ok, ok it’s mostly an old map, but probably 30-40% different. There are two massive amendments to the map, one in place of Skulltown and the second near array, both of the original locations are erased from the face of Kings Canyon. Next there are a couple other little modifications to the map including charge stations and a mysterious bulkhead door next door to the slums, which I assume to be the key to the PvE portion of this beautiful season.

This new season is also the dawn of he new death box organization. At first I was bugged by it because it’s a totally different layout, but I feel like it will ultimately be easier to loot more quickly in the future as well as being to see a limited amount of your surroundings while looting is also nice.

There were a few issues I have noticed and I’d like you to share your experiences as well. I have noticed that some equipment can become inactive, meaning that you cannot pick them up, including equipping directly to weapon or pick up to back pack.

The first time I noticed the issue was off of a black market loot. A teammate picked up a weapon out of the market and dropped the previous weapon and all quips. I looted two pieces out of the market and when everyone was done I closed the market. Every quip beneath the market spawn was inactive. Didn’t even get the prompt that said equipment could be picked up.

Second time I noticed an issue was off jump we landed octane, and the wife and I jumped through the ring to grab a gold knockdown shield. We tried collectively ten-fifteen times to no avail.

So we had mild bugs in the update, but overall just too much fun. My crew is completely reinvested in Apex and I hope that this praise finds you in these tough times, because if we are stuck in the house…why not come play a couple games with us;D

As always my friends,

Be kind, stay fantastic,

Stay safe,


Assassin’s Redemption?

I have just witnessed probably the largest comeback to a franchise ever with the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I know I am going to get some flak for this write, so please keep in mind, this is my own personal opinion. If you do not agree with my perspective, please feel free to comment, respectfully. I would love to hear all of your opinions about my predictions, or general statements.

The Ubisoft franchise, Assassin’s Creed, started off so strong. We followed a modern day, seemingly average, normal guy, Desmond Miles. Desmond is far from average, as he uses a machine, called the Animus, to relive the lives of his ancestors, who were apparently members of a brotherhood of assassins.

Throughout the franchise, and its respective branches, we have dipped our toes into so many cultures. Early Europe, America, the Caribbean, and it looks like we are headed back to Europe, but with the Brutality of the Viking way. You have to admit, their beliefs have a little beauty to it. Death on the battlefield was a honorable way to go. Men of a code, which is not too far off from the brotherhood of trained assassins.

If I am going to be completely honest, I have lost interest in the franchise at Black Flag. Here is where we followed the privateer, Edward Kenway, who was also a member of the brotherhood. Edward, an ancestor to Desmond, sailed around the Caribbean, with epic ship battles, boarding, and assassinations.

At this point in the franchise, fans were beginning to get burned out, and they asked for something new, something different than the same track and assassination missions. Ubisoft assured consumers, that this game would be different and that Black Flag will be a whole new scenario. This was partially true. We did have a game with different features, but the lesson wasn’t learned. We had a new style of play but the game required to do the same feature over and over for almost every…single…mission. I couldn’t even finish the title. Not only that, but the trailers for several games that followed did not seem the slightest bit interesting…until now.

Today, April 30th, I watch a trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It was spectacular. graphically, and story wise, captivating and gives the Viking people a little more personality than that of the battling berserkers with a bloodlust. Now I will share a link below for the official trailer shared by IGN on YouTube, as well as the Ubisoft’s official Twitter account to follow for updates and news. With that information I will also add an additional reference that I used to verify my information.

From here I would just like to add that I have always had a decent eye for content. I can usually tell if something is going to do well or not so well. Based on everything I have seen from Ubisoft, they have the skill to execute this title. I also see the greatness in this trailer. I have a prediction right here and now, that this title in the Assassin’s Creed series, is not only going to do well, I believe this will be the highest grossing Assassin’s Creed game EVER!

There is a plethora of new features that were absent from the earlier games I played. Further customization than ever before, as well as other RPG elements, like choices and recruitment for your camp. Advanced character customization with optional tattoo shops, within said camp. Also a custom warrior that can be hired by your friends to fight with them and gain experience from their raids.

Needless to say I am excited, so much so that I was inspired to write. For more information or to keep up on news and updates, you can visit the Ubisoft website or their twitter feed, which I will share all of that information below.

Thank you all for stopping by. For more gaming and streaming info, hit me with a follow and please let me know what you think.

Remember folks,

Be kind, and stay fantastic,


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Official Trailer

Official Assassin’s Creed Twitter Feed

Ubisoft Official Website