New Salem Chapter 2: Doctor Koronova

I woke in tremendous pain. Sure, my arms, legs, chest, and face felt like they were on fire…but that’s not what I meant. As I said before, I am a strong man, when it comes to the physical. What truly aches is the pain of loss. I laid there, awake, eyes still closed, quietly sobbing.

I lost everything…her. Ro.

“This I did not expect…” it was an odd accent, it hit consonants hard and went light on the vowels, “That savagery you displayed dispatching the demons…” He was obviously North Eastern Pangean.

I opened my eyes slowly, because I didn’t care enough to be startled. Without my stars to guide me I am lost. My life was now void. I was able to choke out a single request, “Please leave me be…”

Someone must’ve put me in bed, because I don’t recall leaving the square. I threw my legs over the side to sit up. I lazily sighed as I realized that I was blind in my right eye. Just another tally for the losses.

“I saw you in the square and thought to myself, ‘Ozomov, this is the one to help you.'” My eyes…eye focused on a thin man across the room.

He sat at a large desk, nothing too special just taking up a lot of space. It wasn’t exactly messy either, but there were books piled atop, not neatly, and papers the same. Order with a touch of chaos…and that is what I saw when he turned to me.

He had medium-long grey hair pulled back tightly into a ponytail, which bushed out the other side. He wore a ornate white mask, covered in carved spirals, that just barely covered his face. From below the mask he had a long grey beard that was tied off just in front of his heart. Between the mask and a long white lab coat, there wasn’t much skin showing, but it was enough to see most of him was covered in burns. His right hand looked to be the only thing unscathed.

“How rude of me,” He continued as he briskly crossed the room, just before he extended his normal hand out in greeting, “The name is Dr. Ozomov Koronova, first most expert in Demonology of New Salem.”

I looked to the floor and said nothing. Even with half the sight I was use to, I could see him out the corner of my eye. Ozomov, half turned and locked his arms behind his back. “I am reminded of a story…”

His story was actually a myth. He told me of the Legend of the Silver King. It dates back for hundreds of years, the creator gave the Silver Race the ability to snuff out demons. The Silver King, understanding the responsibility placed on his people, honed his skills becoming the most powerful of them all.

A little over a decade went by and the creator returned. He told the Silver Race that their task had been completed, and instructed them to relinquish their gift. The King glared down piercingly from his throne, he sensed a change in the creator, and refused.

The King’s disrespect bought him the cruelest punishment ever conceived. Bound kneeling on the floor of his throne room, and every man, woman, and child of the Silver Race was slashed open and dropped into the Kings arms. He held everyone he had ever known as their warm crimson spilled out onto his regal clothes, leaving their bodies cold and lifeless.

When the last corpse was heaved to the top of the pile in the back of the throne room, the creator asked one last time for the king to relinquish his gift. The Silver King, chained to the floor of his palace, bathed in the blood of his entire people, looked up at the creator with a single tainted tear on his cheek. The king pulled the chains tight as he lifted himself as upright as he possibly could, his rage burned wildly and beamed from his eyes as they seemed to attack the creator.

When the king finally spoke the room shook violently, his voice deep and booming,

We took an oath, for you…

Through gritted teeth…

To protect the innocent…

The irons around the kings wrists groaned…

And you take from us?!

The windows and portions of the walls and ceiling was starting to dissolve and blow away like dust in the wind.

I will give up this power, but not to you…

The creator lunged for the kings throat, but was left with a handful of what looked to be dandelion seeds, while the rest of him scattered. The corpses did the same pouring out of every opening in the dissolving castle.

There will be others worthy of carrying the mantle, and with my heir will dawn the rebirth of the Silver Race.

Ozomov went straight from the story to his point, “I believe you are the heir to the Silver King!” He continued, “…you even summoned his sword!”

He carried on like a fan boy for several minutes before I finally spoke,

“I don’t know what you expect, but I have nothing to offer you.”

The Doctor stood in silence for only a moment before he responded,

“I seek your help with a demon.”

By now a solid stream was flowing down one side of my face once again.

“I lost the only person I had ever cared about.” I welcomed the sting of my hands touching the still fresh wounds on my face as I try to hide it. “I just want to be left to die…”

Ozomov sat beside me on the bed, and gave me a reluctantly awkward pat on the back.

“Revenge…” His demeanor changed, the Doctor was real still as he elaborated, “I want revenge, for my wife, Lilly Anna, and my daughter, Delilah.”

I looked through my fingers over to his hands folded in his lap, fidgeting with his burnt fingers.

He continued, “They were to be my future, but now they are my past.”

His normal hand reached up to fix the mask on his face.

“All I have to look forward to is the return of that demon, from time to time, and I resign to the fact that I can do nothing.”

His tone and energy returned,”But now I have you!”

I thought about it a hundred times in a mere instant, and the more I thought about it, the more I knew that I wasn’t the only person who has felt this loss. Not only that, but to these demons.

“Let’s say I wanna help… “I lean lazily elbows on my knees, hands hanging toward the ground. “I don’t even know how to control whatever it is that is inside of me.”

“Well…” Ozomov slapped his knee, and immediately stood straight up. “We can figure that out.”

The Doctor reached out his hand as if to greet me once again, and this time I took it.

“By the way, my name is Kana.”

New Salem Chapter 1: The Descendant

It was her heart, what kept me going. Love can be a powerful thing, powerful enough to give someone as hopeless as I a reason to live. From the moment I first saw her she was the stars, beautiful but out of reach…or so I thought. Here she sits just before me, waiting on the question.

She went by Ro. It was a simple name, but there was nothing simple about her. She was always a step ahead of me no matter the plot. She knew what I was going to do before I did it, and this very moment is no different.

I invited her back to the place where we had met. We sat at the same flimsy table, drinking the same terrible coffee at this small outdoor bistro in the square. The square was busy, full of shoppers visiting the many other vendors that share a location with the bistro on a daily basis.

Our table was special. It rested at the foot of the Silver King’s fountain. Not that it was he that meant anything to us, rather it was the sound of the trickling water from the base of the King’s statue that drown out the sound of chattering public. It granted the illusion of privacy on such a populated ground.

If I were to be honest, I was also quite fond of the statue itself. The Silver King was said to be a warrior, who protected his people at the cost of his own life. which is probably why they depicted him holding his sword high in the air, as though he was about to thrust it downward to finish a foe. I often found myself daydreaming of being the King, because like him I am a large man. I am taller than most, and stronger. As to be expected of an orphan of New Salem. Only the strong survived.

Ro cleared her throat, as she often had to do to get my attention. I was not estranged to getting lost in my head. In fact I spent most of my time in thought. She cleared her throat again, and this time my eyes met hers.

“Kana….” I smile every time I hear my name roll off of her tongue, “I thought you had something to ask me?” She batted her eyes at me like you would see in a cartoon.

She was toying with me. She knew that for a self proclaimed strong man, that I was weak when it came to emotions. She had me by the balls and I knew it, too.

“Spit it out, big man.” She teased, “I know what you want to ask, but I want to hear you say it.”

She sat across from me, one elbow on the table, and her chin in the palm of her hand. She gazed up at me with a gentle grin, beautifully, impatiently waiting. She topped it off with the fingers of her opposite hand drumming on the table, “I’m waiting….”

I drew in the breath, but the words caught in my throat. Sheepishly, I cast my eyes from her, as I look to the crowd.

Dread is what I felt, at first for sharing, but then a jolt of fear that launched me to my feet toppling the table between us. The crowd around us had dispersed for the most part, many were still running, and for those who weren’t they were being drained of life or ripped apart. Ro also stood, at first in shock of wearing our breakfast, then the terror of impending doom.

Beasts were flooding the grounds. Ro and I stood in horror, as sensory overload caused time to stand still. We were force fed a sight of gratuitous gore and violence. There was no prejudice to the victims, all men, women, and children alike, were targeted, by a great, many, varying monsters.

Time seemed to coil back in place once I noticed the horned guerrilla barreling toward her. I shoved her to the ground, taking her place just before impact. Grasping at the horns, to ensure my flesh remained unscathed, it pushed me through the fountain, feet swept out from under me as I’m forced through the water, back crashing into the Silver King. It snarled and huffed and grunted. As it thrashed it saturated my face, chest, and arms with snot, drool and spit.

I held it back by the horns as best I could, until it started to let up pressure. Maybe to go for a second attempted gore, but I seized my opportunity. With the leverage I had on his horns, I flipped myself backward, hands down into the water and thrust both feet upward into the jaw of the monster shoving it’s skull into the King’s blade, or, at least, the other way around.

I was free of it’s grasp, but not its weight. It collapsed atop me, pinning me under water. It wasn’t a terrible struggle to shake loose, as I crawled out from beneath it. I burst out of the water, forcing it to crash over the side onto Ro, who was leaning over the edge of the fountain, reaching out for me.

“Kana!” She screamed, as I gasped for air, “…we have to get out of here!”

One of the few times I was unable to smile from her utterance of my name, I remained silent as I spoke with action. I sloshed over the side, dragging her toward the nearest building, just behind the bistro. A couple of the creatures noticed us, and the chase was on.

When we made it to the shop, we didn’t mind the door behind us, but the front was all glass regardless. We were over the counter, into the back as the glass crashed to the floor, upon the monsters’ entrance. The sound was startling as well as motivating, pushing me harder, making me reckless. I turned the corner quick, slamming my shoulder into the wall. Upon the contact, I could feel a buzz deep in my bones, and just as fast as it appeared, it faded.

I pulled Ro through the emergency escape, driving my shoulder through the door before heading up the steps. I felt the buzz again, but more like a quake, vibrating throughout my body. It faded just as before, but this time it was more intense.

The stairs were probably a poor choice, but the situation didn’t allow much time to diligently formulate a plan, no. I just kept moving, and luckily when the beasts broke through the doors at the bottom of the stairs, their impatience got the best of them. They flailed and clawed at each other, trying to push through as the other did the same. This gave us the time to hit the rooftop exit. I must admit I hit it a lot harder than I wanted to. Another shockwave pulsed inside me, but it was more than that… I could hear something, at first too quiet to make out, but then it became more clear. Low and gravely, the voice shook my very being, locking my knees to throw me through the door at the top of the landing and down onto my chest on the rooftop.

Ro was trying to pull me up off the roof as I fought the intrusive waves.

They’re all dead….

I was back to my feet, but I still had the aching remnants of the tremors, ringing in my bones. My hands were shaking as I peered over the edge of the roof. At least two stories up and fifteen feet to the next building…we were trapped.

“We will have to jump,” I said, “It’s our only–“my cliche was interrupted before completion, like a door being slammed in your face. Quite literally a door bashed me in the face, catching me across the bridge of my nose and my right eye. It came at me in pieces, like it exploded off the hinges, some even crashing into my chest tipping me over the side of the building, down onto the cold alley floor below.

When I looked back up to where I was before the fall. My vision was blurred, fading in and out, but I could see Ro hanging by her head. She must have jumped off after me, but one of the beasts caught her just over the edge. She didn’t struggle because her eyes were already black. I tried to call out to her…instead,


This voice was not mine…


It was deeper, gravely…


It boomed, and carried over the whole town, rattling the earth like an aftershock.

Much was broken from the fall, and I could not move. My body ignored and rose on its own. My hands and feet wrapped with stripes of black and white, spiraling up and fraying at mid calf and forearm. The frays formed long thin tendrils that snapped around me violently like whips.

I was a passenger in my own body. Couldn’t control myself, I just had to hang in and watch it all go down. My hand reached out, and in the blink of an eye, it pulled back toward me, bringing Ro and the beast, to the ground before me, as though they were teleported through the air.

The monster dropped her right there. It snarled all the while it backed off. It was frightened. Why would it be frightened of me?!? I stepped over Ro, I wanted to reach down, or even speak to her…I couldn’t. My body stepped toward the creature despite my fear, despite my wishes.

Know now that the descendant of the Silver King is here…

We, the beast and I, both exited the alley and were back out into the square.

With my heir comes the rebirth of the Silver Race…

The grounds were now full of monsters once again, hundreds of them. They had all returned watching intently from every direction, looking down from rooftops, and even the horned guerrilla crawled out of the fountain to witness me raise both hands together over my head, and a sword, similar to the one on the statue, formed.

Demons be damned!

With a slash, one creature was turned into a bubbling, steaming, puddle of tar. The blade hissed as the tar burned off, leaving the steel in a thin stream of smoke.

Fear not these demons, my child…

I could feel him peering internally.

They’re all dead.

Now is the time for change.

Change can be a good thing, particularly when it can offer progress or self growth. I know it’s a shaky topic, this swap to Mixer, but it has opened a whole new world that wasn’t available to me right now on Twitch. So I have moved on, and though I have not had a full stream yet…I will soon.

On another front, I find it difficult to find topics to write about. Now this type of writing is not my normal style. Instead I like to write Fiction. Having said that, I think I’ll like to try to write some of my stories on here.

I have a total of 10 stories, maybe more, with about 50+ original characters, which I have worked on the last 17 years. Every story is in the same line up to an inevitable end. I will try to post it by chapter.

Bare in mind that I am not a professional writer, nor will this be edited so the writing you will see here will be in the rawest of forms. Well see how it goes.

Coming soon to a channel near you…

I didn’t come from money, I guess that’s where I learned the value of a dollar. That’s why most of what I make goes to the family, into our home. Family first ALWAYS. That being said my family does not need a computer for me to stream, nor can I justify just taking the money.

I thought about how I could get around the money issue, then it hit me… I don’t need to focus on a computer, for stream quality just yet. There are four aspects of my stream I could work on to increase quality with little to no cost.

Picture, lighting, content, and background are what’s important right now. Over the next few weeks I will be running tests with my set up to see what works the best, starting with the lighting and background.

Lighting is important, because your lighting can further degrade picture especially if you have a poor cam. It’s only common sense, if your cam is rough on the pick up, and it’s dark and hard to see, quality is low. Also if you’re going to rely on decor to be your background you’ll need to light it up!

I have no capability of a green screen, but where I lack on one front, I excel on another. Collectibles can be a suitable background especially for defining the streamer and welcoming small talk. I have plenty collectibles to fill a shelf.

Content is a little trickier. This is more than just the game you are playing. Charisma and a quick wit can be useful, but interactions with the chat are a crucial part of beings streamer. I will work on that.

Lastly, I need to upgrade my picture. Now this is the only step that will actually cost me money, so we will refrain, until we see how the light boost effects the feed.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any suggestions, go to menu then contact or message me on twitter @SatisJaxon.


5 Questions with ReaperofHugs42

First things first, I need to apologize for the lengthy pause in content. You just gotta understand that I was in no place to write, or even stream for that matter. I wasn’t in the right state of mind. In order to deliver the best quality content I chose to take a small break, and here I am, back with a vengeance!

Having said that, my friends, with no further ado, we start again with this bit o’ twitch knowledge that is advertising or networking.

The very first thing I did when I started twitch was to go from chat to chat and talk to folks. At first this was in the hopes to learn how to do it, what is important, and also what not to do. Through this I made some friends who still join in my streams and chat.

On that same front it is beneficial to have social media linked to your twitch channel, for all your stream updates and announcements. A simple tweet, done right, could possibly pull hundreds of views. Later on I will touch on some things you may forget to do with stream announcements.

For now let’s shine a light on our next streamer to grace us with 5 questions. I don’t know him very well, but from the few streams I have been able to make, I have witnessed his generosity toward other streamers, and just that positive energy. May I add, just so much energy! Without further ado…


1) It would seem that many of the higher level streamers stick with one material or game. How do you go about selecting the material that you choose to stream?

Reaper: I select whatever game i feel like playing that day. I like to give the audience a view of different games that i enjoy. They’re typically single player so i can interact with chat too!! Basically I pick whatever game i feel i can bring the most positive energy with that day.

2) Is there any advice you would give a new streamer, as not to negatively impact their brand?

Reaper: I would say Just ALWAYS network and invest in yourself. Make yourself some merch. Giveaway some if you can. Constantly reach out to others. Start a hashtag on social media and just keep using it!! Make yourself stand out and memorable. Whether it’s your color scheme, name, or logo.

3) How often would you consider to be a reasonable amount to stream?

Reaper: I’d say for streamers starting, about 3 to 4 hours. Most people you will meet starting out come through networking and social media. Especially in hightly saturated games. I say spend 80% of the time networking, 10% of the time streaming, and 10% of the time in other’s streams getting to know your community.

4) How crucial a tool do you think social media is with streaming?

Reaper: Social media is king. It’s the best place to connect with other streamers and viewers and make friends!! Discord is highly underutilized. Be careful about who you follow though. There are many people who want to just use others and not build up those around you. Find those who you want to grow with and enjoy each other’s company.

5) If you could go back in time to when you first started streaming, what advice would you give your younger self?

Reaper: Just keep learning and trying. I honestly kinda just slapped everything together when i first started and continue to grow and learn. Immerse yourself in the community and really get to know your following!! I knew nothing about twitch when i started. I’ve come a long way, but have a long way to go!!

As explained, social media is an strong tool for the streamer. As such, it’s important to know how to best utilize your social media options. I have some opinions that I can share that very well may boost your social media game.

Types of posts:

I post several types of posts. The first of which is the future stream announcement. I post this one days in advance to announce any upcoming streams I have planed later in the week. The second is the going live post, and this is best used just before you are streaming for the day, obviously. And lastly the thank you post. The last post is important, because it highlights those who participate it your stream and, in turn, helps them as well.


How you write something is just as important as what you write about. You need to keep your readers attention after you have grabbed said attention. This technique is capitalized on easily on twitter, due to the character lock. Since you can only use so many characters to express yourself, you can keep it short and to the point, without fear of rambling or becoming sidetracked.

Using the “#” and “@”:

The use of the “#” and the “@” is a big part of your post, because this is how you send your name out to the world. The best way I have found to use these on twitter is by adding them to their appropriate “tag.” So if you were playing a game of Halo, then you would #game and @Halo. “#” is used to link a general interest while the “@” we used to link the company responsible for the game. In doing so you would be pulling everyone who is following the “tag” game and everyone following the game “Halo.”

Your name:

You cannot forget to introduce yourself as if it is the first time meeting someone, because for the most part that is what you are trying to do, reach new people. The best way to introduce yourself and save characters is to use your actual twitch channel user name. For example Twitch.TV/(insertname).

The time:

If you want people to show up on time for your stream, you have to add your exact time. This includes your time zone, unless you are posting the going live “now”, for obvious reasons.

This is all I can think about as of right now and if I have any other opinions to share, I will do so. For now I’d like to thank ReaperofHugs42 for taking the time to answer these questions and giving us all the insight into the world of a successful twitch streamer. For anyone who wishes to check out ReaperofHugs42, his links are shared below:





Inkcarceration Friday

So as some of you know, I am not one to be out in the crowd if not for a good reason. Most of the time that means when the kids want to go somewhere, or the wife or both. I rarely put myself out there, and few moments where I will willingly subject myself to the public, but this is one of them.

I had a blast at Inkcarceration, even the lesser known bands were doing a phenomenal job. Entertainment was at its peak! There was one instance where I couldn’t make out the band over the feed back, and because of that I can’t even tell you the band name. Otherwise this was a fantastic show. There are a few bands I will be calling out throughout this post, but we will get there. For now let’s talk about a little more Inkcarceration had to offer.

(Photo by: Amanda Jackson)

As far as I’m concerned most of food options at a festival are generally the same. Every booth throughout is the same, as well as at every other festival. This was not the case here. If I could go back and write down every vendor that was there on top of the variety of food offered, on top of the sheer quality of the food. Incredible job guys, just bravo! I’d like to give a special shout out to the Swat Food Truck. Had their fried Mac-N-Cheese Burger, just fantastic!

As I waited on the bands I came for, I had plenty to keep me busy. Between the tattoo vendors and the self guided tour of the Mansfield Reformatory. For those of you that do not know of this location it is a cinematic landmark. Most well known for its usage in the film Shawshank Redemption was also featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters. Now it has spent many years as a horror attraction known as the Blood Prison.

(Photo by: Me)

The bands. That’s why I went, three specifically. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Taking Back Sunday, and, of course, Shinedown.

First and foremost, I wanna give a shout out to Fozzy. Haven’t heard a lot from them but it didn’t matter. The energy brought out on stage, by the entire crew was spectacular. They gave a real show, which you would expect out of someone like Chris Jericho, with such an outstanding career in entertainment, to start, but the rest of the guys held up to that standard. And as Chris said, Fozzy kicked our ass.

(Photo by: Me)

From there I go to Red Jumpsuit, who definitely delivered. The very same energy you get on record, is what you get live. The set was awesome and I couldn’t have asked for better sound, especially live I was very happy. Wish I could have moved in closer for a picture. Maybe next time.

Taking Back Sunday. I was so excited to see these guys, because it has been some kind of ride to get to where we are today. I didn’t like the band when they first started years ago, but they inevitably won me over. The creativity in their craft, with the sound, interaction with the crowd, and my personal favorite, the way Adam, lead vocal, spins the mic and hurls it into the air before the next verse. They made damn sure that I didn’t even want to leave.

(Photo by: Amanda Jackson)

I will tell you what, Inkcarceration was my third time watching Shinedown. They are an incredible group of guys. Their message is positive in recording and so much more in person. It is a common, yet refreshing to see people urging others to be kind to one another.

(Photo by: Amanda Jackson)

I have been a Shinedown fan from the beginning, when I was but a kid, begging my dad for that first album. My first song was “45“, and I thought that it was a pipe dream to hear that song live. Every album they released has been outrageously good, so the set list isn’t important. You will have a good time because they will have a good time. And yet, the first two shows I heard the first verse of the song and one chorus. Not this time though, I felt blessed to get my favorite song in its entirety and the entire rest of their set was icing on the cake!

(Photo by: Amanda Jackson)

Safe to say that I loved the event. I loved the music and I loved that I was able to share this experience with my wife, Amanda, sister-in-law, Christina, and my brother, Dan. Thanks for reading, supporting, and all around being awesome. I appreciate everything you, the reader, give, your time and consideration.

If I could get some feedback, let me know if you like what I’m doing, where I could use work, or what I should write about.

Story of my life…

By no means will this be a chronicling of my entire historical background. No, I am simply touching on one of the biggest parts of my life. I am a gamer. Though I have spent hours on top of days gaming before, I never considered my self a gamer until Halo.

Back then I went by Fr3wT, and Halo was the game that hooked me. I wanted to play Halo all day every day. I pretty much did just that. As did my Stepbrother and my best friend. My buddy Lupes made that addiction even worse.

Upon the release of Halo 2 I hit two major milestones. The first was the introduction to clans and online communities. My friend became a member of a clan that pushed us farther into the Halo 2 community. We were never alone, never less than a full party.

The second milestone was the LAN where I met my wife. This wasn’t the first time we spoke, but it was the first time we truly met. She went by Tink, and she joined the ranks of our local Halo crew. By Halo 3, we were a thing.

Halo 3 was another defining moment in our lives, and also one of my largest regrets. First, I founded my own clan/community known as With The Assist. We were inseparable and unstoppable until Tink and I found out we were gonna be parents.

Now I may be remembering this out of order, but when I got the next clan invite I took it as to relieve responsibilities and still have community. This is easily one of my biggest regrets. When I left WTA it fell apart. For that I am sorry.

From WTA to CdG I did move. One community to the next it still felt like home. All the way up to Destiny. Halo changed the most upon the departure of Bungie. It had always been an evolving game but many of CdG didn’t like its direction. Many of the Cirques went to Call of Duty, Titan Fall, or Destiny. I took a break myself, and focused on work and family.

It was years of me barely playing anything at all. Gaming was about dead for me. I was beginning to think I was just growing out of it, like I was too old for games now. Until the release of Apex Legends.

Apex was exciting and addictive, and it reminded me of something I had been missing. With every match I wanted more, and with every match it drove me closer to my true home. Halo. I am at Halo 5, and it’s not CE…or 2 or 3. It’s not reach, nor is it 4. They are all their own respective entities and they are all home.

To close, I am not a try hard, and I will never be. I am not the best and I have never claimed to be. One thing I can promise is that I am authentic.

I am me, the whole me, and nothing but the me.

100% SatisJaxon guaranteed.

Lead by example

We live in a world today where many people have been groomed to care for just themselves. Even my child in school is encouraged not to share her school supplies with other kids. I mean, I get it, we don’t want kids losing all their stuff, then all their neighbors stuff as well. I on the other hand, disapprove of this practice. I believe that we should teach people how to be more than themselves.

To expect everyone to be selfless would be delusional, but to reach everyone, who feels the same as I, requires that we are the kind of people we hope to meet. Do unto others, and all. So I want to do this for our community, and any other who wishes to share, and grow. I want to reach for community, for friends. I want to reach out to help others all in the hopes that they too will reach out and help more.

I do this through Twitch.TV to help people to meet others like themselves. I want people who genuinely want to meet and help others. We, together, can do something great and grow and learn. If you want this for yourself, that’s great. If you want it for yourself and you want to help that’s better. Either way I will drop some links for anyone to give us a try.

Ghostborn Facebook

Ghostborn Discord

Where thanks are due…

I would not consider myself successful, but I am in fact wealthy. Not in a monetary sense, but where it actually counts. I have a great group of family and friends. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am standing right now.

Like I said, I am not successful, yet I really feel that I am. Thinking back to just a few months ago, I, as a human being, have come so far. I will get into that a little later too, for now I have to pay respect to all those deserving.

As many of you are finding out, streaming is not just flipping a switch and becoming famous. There is dedication involved. You need to make friends and build alliances, and this is step one of my thank you tour. I originally told people that I stream because of @Forice and @PixelPeet, but that’s not entirely true. These guys are a lot of the reason I am still streaming. I wanted to give up. My heart just wasn’t in it. It took Halo and a couple of it’s diehards to rekindle that fire, so thank you guys, for the umpteenth millionth time. On to the next stop.

This next thanks goes out to a coach of sorts. He taught me everything I needed to know to advertise my stream, as well as producing the best/highest quality content. @ Job_for_a_Cody was there from the beginning, helping with every question I had along the way. I am grateful to have had him in my corner and thankful to call him a friend. And to that, thank you Cody, for it all.

I’m not even going to lie Cody wasn’t my only coach. I also had my uncle @pmpCheetahFlip. If I had a question he jumped at the chance to help out, not to mention advice I hadn’t thought of yet. Thanks unc I appreciate everything you did.

This next lot is everyone who put the time in. Everyone who helped advertise my twitch, stopped by during a stream or stopped in other streams while I was there. Thank you for keeping the dream alive. @littlepercussionist, @crowned_loudan1234, @zeyleth, @gh0st_00, @abrasilian, @Warrior_Bahamut, @seal_massacre, and if I forgot anyone I am truly sorry it is not intentional I just have a lot to go through here.

All of my friends and family thank you. For every second you watched or lurked when you didn’t need to. Thank you for helping to give me a chance out there on Twitch. Now I have a lot of people to thank here but I think only a couple would be ok with a public call out, so here we go: @agent_ech0 and @Damionw13.

We are coming to a close and I have one last thank you to hand out. But before I do I want to tell you a little about myself. First thing you may know is that I am rather easy to get along with, which is funny cause I can be rather difficult to live with. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and to top it all off I am ridiculously stubborn.

Through everything I put myself through, this person is there. Every time I thought I wasn’t good enough, this person encouraged me to draw, to write, to stream. On top of that this person is my sole tech support if I can’t figure something out. @Tinkoroboto is All of my support. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am at today. Physically or mentally. So the last one goes to you my loving wife. Thank you for everything, and I love you.

Before I go I would like to express my gratitude to anyone who is reading this. By doing so you are giving support. You are taking part in my ideals, my hunger for bettering a system. And here I prove I lie one last time, with an additional thank you to you all.

5 Questions with PixelPeet

To stream is to entertain, and to do that a streamer also has to be personable. Think about it, people won’t want to watch if they do not like someone, or if that someone is stone faced for the entire feed.

Let’s look at Newton’s third law, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Now if we put this into the context of streaming, the streamer cannot move someone with emotionless silence. It is imperative that the viewers are engaged, even if the viewers themselves are not showing a return. Content is where we are at. Though people may be simply lurking, something you said or did could have cracked a smile or even a full on belly laugh. Remember that the streamer is the one who puts forth the content, not the viewer. It’s the streamer’s job to entertain.

For all the above mentioned, I have asked another Twitch affiliate to help with another rendition of 5 questions. PixelPeet is the epitome of entertainment, and he dresses for success. We are not just speaking metaphorically, Peet literally suits up! With his witty sarcasm and detailed attack plans, that sometimes don’t pan out, he aims to entertain.

Find him at: Twitch.TV/PixelPeet


1) What is your favorite thing about streaming?

PixelPeet: I think That streaming is a superpower, you have the ability to touch peoples lives in ways you can’t even realize. Being able to make people laugh, or smile even if they are having a horrible day” thats my favorite part.

2) What do you think is your greatest tool to be successful at streaming?

PixelPeet: 😀 Constantly running my mouth while i play, plus tinkering around with the effects within OBS has always extremely amused me. I always try to be on peoples same page if they are in my chat, to know what they are talking about even if i have to google it.

3) What was your inspiration, or the reason you decided to start streaming?

PixelPeet: In the beginning its hard to say, definitely a huge influence was Vetoed, even though the numbers for halo were down, he was always consistently streaming. Watching him and his disgusting gameplay and fast reflexes on stream is what inspired me to start. Quite a few months ago he hosted me for the first time and i was beyond overjoyed, Ive got nothing but respect for that guy.

4) There are a lot of people doing F4F, and around the internet it is a controversial topic. What is your take on F4F?

PixelPeet: Seems to me to be a silly pyramid scheme. I try not to give it too much attention hoping it will go away. its bound to eventually. I don’t follow people without good reason. Unless they play halo, Pretty good reason right? XD

5) If you could go back in time to when you started streaming and give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

PixelPeet: Keep going, keep dancing, stick with it man soon you are going to know more people and have more friends than you’ve ever had.


It is important to remember two things, community and content, and this fine gentleman is evidence that this mindset can propel someone through a Twitch career. Don’t forget that if you’d like to check out PixelPeet, you can click the link above or just punch his name into the search bar on Twitch itself. And if nothing else just stop in to check out the “Claw Cam.” You’ll see.