Season 5 Apex Legends

Season 5 of Apex Legends is upon us, and my friend, The wife, and I jumped into action for day one. So far the new content is pretty fantastic! Love the new character, as well as the new Kings Canyon! There are several other added changes to the overall game, and we will dive a little deeper into that intel, as we hit the breakdown…

The first bit I want to touch on is obviously the new character. When I first loaded up as Loba I was expecting the same basic ability that past characters, like Pathfinder, And Wraith, with the quick transport to a close/medium range. Instead I feel her basic ability is more sophisticated. The ring travels a little slower than I’d like but it has great range especially for exiting or outrunning the storm.

Loba’s passive is really useful, especially if you are fairly well kitted. She can see through anything! Within her range, which is ridiculous. Basically if you land in any titled location you will see all of the purple or gold loot in that area, and if you know what the basic shapes are you can tell what the loot is from a distance.

This girl’s ult is spectacular! “Black Market open for business!” Loba can open up shop for a location and pull all the merch for that area, within range. You can only pick 2 objects from the shop, but most of the time that’s all you will need.

Now that we have the new character out of the way, we can move on to the other changes. Naturally we have a new map…well an old map….ok, ok it’s mostly an old map, but probably 30-40% different. There are two massive amendments to the map, one in place of Skulltown and the second near array, both of the original locations are erased from the face of Kings Canyon. Next there are a couple other little modifications to the map including charge stations and a mysterious bulkhead door next door to the slums, which I assume to be the key to the PvE portion of this beautiful season.

This new season is also the dawn of he new death box organization. At first I was bugged by it because it’s a totally different layout, but I feel like it will ultimately be easier to loot more quickly in the future as well as being to see a limited amount of your surroundings while looting is also nice.

There were a few issues I have noticed and I’d like you to share your experiences as well. I have noticed that some equipment can become inactive, meaning that you cannot pick them up, including equipping directly to weapon or pick up to back pack.

The first time I noticed the issue was off of a black market loot. A teammate picked up a weapon out of the market and dropped the previous weapon and all quips. I looted two pieces out of the market and when everyone was done I closed the market. Every quip beneath the market spawn was inactive. Didn’t even get the prompt that said equipment could be picked up.

Second time I noticed an issue was off jump we landed octane, and the wife and I jumped through the ring to grab a gold knockdown shield. We tried collectively ten-fifteen times to no avail.

So we had mild bugs in the update, but overall just too much fun. My crew is completely reinvested in Apex and I hope that this praise finds you in these tough times, because if we are stuck in the house…why not come play a couple games with us;D

As always my friends,

Be kind, stay fantastic,

Stay safe,


Assassin’s Redemption?

I have just witnessed probably the largest comeback to a franchise ever with the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I know I am going to get some flak for this write, so please keep in mind, this is my own personal opinion. If you do not agree with my perspective, please feel free to comment, respectfully. I would love to hear all of your opinions about my predictions, or general statements.

The Ubisoft franchise, Assassin’s Creed, started off so strong. We followed a modern day, seemingly average, normal guy, Desmond Miles. Desmond is far from average, as he uses a machine, called the Animus, to relive the lives of his ancestors, who were apparently members of a brotherhood of assassins.

Throughout the franchise, and its respective branches, we have dipped our toes into so many cultures. Early Europe, America, the Caribbean, and it looks like we are headed back to Europe, but with the Brutality of the Viking way. You have to admit, their beliefs have a little beauty to it. Death on the battlefield was a honorable way to go. Men of a code, which is not too far off from the brotherhood of trained assassins.

If I am going to be completely honest, I have lost interest in the franchise at Black Flag. Here is where we followed the privateer, Edward Kenway, who was also a member of the brotherhood. Edward, an ancestor to Desmond, sailed around the Caribbean, with epic ship battles, boarding, and assassinations.

At this point in the franchise, fans were beginning to get burned out, and they asked for something new, something different than the same track and assassination missions. Ubisoft assured consumers, that this game would be different and that Black Flag will be a whole new scenario. This was partially true. We did have a game with different features, but the lesson wasn’t learned. We had a new style of play but the game required to do the same feature over and over for almost every…single…mission. I couldn’t even finish the title. Not only that, but the trailers for several games that followed did not seem the slightest bit interesting…until now.

Today, April 30th, I watch a trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It was spectacular. graphically, and story wise, captivating and gives the Viking people a little more personality than that of the battling berserkers with a bloodlust. Now I will share a link below for the official trailer shared by IGN on YouTube, as well as the Ubisoft’s official Twitter account to follow for updates and news. With that information I will also add an additional reference that I used to verify my information.

From here I would just like to add that I have always had a decent eye for content. I can usually tell if something is going to do well or not so well. Based on everything I have seen from Ubisoft, they have the skill to execute this title. I also see the greatness in this trailer. I have a prediction right here and now, that this title in the Assassin’s Creed series, is not only going to do well, I believe this will be the highest grossing Assassin’s Creed game EVER!

There is a plethora of new features that were absent from the earlier games I played. Further customization than ever before, as well as other RPG elements, like choices and recruitment for your camp. Advanced character customization with optional tattoo shops, within said camp. Also a custom warrior that can be hired by your friends to fight with them and gain experience from their raids.

Needless to say I am excited, so much so that I was inspired to write. For more information or to keep up on news and updates, you can visit the Ubisoft website or their twitter feed, which I will share all of that information below.

Thank you all for stopping by. For more gaming and streaming info, hit me with a follow and please let me know what you think.

Remember folks,

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Official Trailer

Official Assassin’s Creed Twitter Feed

Ubisoft Official Website


Apex Legends Refueled?

Tuesday, April 28th marks the beginning for the newest Apex Legends update the Battle Armor Event. So I decided to share a few clips from the last few days including a bit from the event as it stands, as well as a glitch I encountered in the Battle Armor game mode.

For those of you who know me, and not even that well, I have a hard time shutting up about Apex and, well, looks like it ain’t happening any time soon. This new event has me pumped, and fueled for carnage. Even from the announcement, I found myself back in the pool “driving lead down range.” I am just as stoked for this event as all the other AL events, I’ve loved them all! If you would like to share your love/hate with the current or past events feel free to comment, but for now let’s move on shall we…

Apex Legends is like any Battle Royal really. You are dropped, with your selected team onto a battlefield with nothing but your wits…and a couple other dudes. The name of the game is survival, and that’s tough when all your gear is random, so you, for the most part, have to fight for it. Luckily “you keep what you kill” Necromongers, unless your teammates dont want to share…that happens too.

Throughout the match you can acquire four levels of gear. White, blue, purple and gold. Each color represents a different level of effectiveness. White being the lowest and gold being the highest.

The best gear doesn’t guarantee a victory, I well thought out plan or even better aim can trump I higher suit. So the first clip was about a week ago, and it shows how battlefield awareness and shield swaps can get you out of a tight pinch.

I have been known to drop a purple shield for a white shield just to continue punishment on a target without the lengthy repair time. Sometimes that is not an option, sometimes you have to retreat, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up.

This next clip was from Battle Armor day one, and had just ran to heal up. Both of my teammates fell and were boxed. Instead of running back in guns-a-blazin, I had a second thought…

I became the second and third party. I was able to turn the tables on an entire squad solo, based on tactics alone. That’s not all, a lot of people also tend to forget to respect the equipment we are given. This clip particularly, I used the fast rate energy weapon up close to knock the first two and immediately swapped to the long range single fire to mop up the last tango. Even the smaller weapons can be incredibly efficient. Let’s jump back, pre-event once more. It goes on to show the value of a gun rarely used, the RE-45.

These two weapons, the RE-45 and the Hemlock(Hecklom, as I call it), are a couple of my go to’s. If I have one or both of these guns I will have a decent game. Between the two of them, you get a powerful short, medium, and long range potential.

I believe at this point, you all have a decent grasp of the game, so let’s head back to the event. The opening set for the Battle Armor event starts with white armor, two syringes, and a P2020. The set up is not the best, but everyone is bound to the white armor. No armor pick ups, but every other quip is fair game.

Starting the match with armor and a gun, regardless of the efficiency, makes the game exponentially easier…unless someone finds a Peacekeeper shotgun or either one of the energy weapons. The three of them are, individually, devastating. This last clip has nothing to do with weapon drops, or even armor, nah. Instead I would like to show you my favorite glitch.

As you can see I was dropped, yet in last stand, like Borderlands. I was down, but I could still utilize my gun! I wonder if I had finished off an enemy if I would have popped back up? I wasn’t able to pull it off but I did get a res, thanks to my wife and frequent teammate TinkoRoboto.

We had a lot of fun with the event, day one, and I for one can’t wait for level two of the event, and so on. Don’t forget to give me a watch to keep up on more streamer and gaming intel, mostly Apex Legends for now. Also, throw a follow over to Tinko and I on our artist based Instagram page, Maxon Illustrations for your content creator or official art needs.

Please stop by and check out the Utopia Bound family friendly, non-toxic discord server, for all your secondary content needs. We have professional artists, musicians and video editing support, to help you set up the best audio and visual environment for your brand.

This has been fun, but my time is spent.

Remember to be kind, and stay fantastic,


Devastating Development

This title seems bad right? What’s going on with the big guy today, you ask? Well I got my unemployment settled after the layoff because of the virus who shall not be named;D I’m not sick, nor is the family, so what could be so devastating?

Here’s the deal, I fight anxiety and depression on a day to day basis. Since we have been on lockdown it has been a full on war. For anyone who has seen depressions ugly face, you know that it obliterates your motivation, as well as people skills. I had plans to write several articles and my sources all seemed to lose contact with me. This put a kink it the works, then the virus fear and ultimately imprisonment. I wasn’t in a place to write.

Here is a short text as an update. I will hunt for more content to cover. I want to provide you all with the content you deserve and here is to future motivation, cheers!

I hope to see you kids around,

Remember, be kind and stay fantastic,


Utopia Bound

I first started watching streams early 2019, and from the quality that I had seen, I was capable of the same game skill. Stream after stream I kept seeing toxic behavior masked by skilled play, and it made me sick. A lot of viewers tend to be a younger audience, so the example that everyone was getting was vile and tainted. And I decided to start streaming to offer a better, morally sound content.

Before I started streaming I spent the better part of a month networking. Trudged through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I also visited streams on Mixer and Twitch to get to know people and try to coax them into my streams.

For the most part I was successful on twitch, pulled an average of 10 people almost immediately by being supportive and present in their channels. Sadly I lost every single one of them switching to Mixer. I didn’t go it alone, however.

Some friends I had made on Twitch did jump to Mixer as well, and with that I was hit with raids that made me realize that I wasn’t ready for that level of entertainment, but the friends I have made also met my standard of no-toxicity. That was the first push toward Utopia Bound.

The second push to Utopia was an when I was approached for artwork. Pius Rampage, co-founder of Mizu Gaming, contacted me to help someone with art needs. It had turned out that person paid forward for art and the artist vanished. Kept the money and produced no art. This isn’t the first time, nor last where I heard of such things.

I realize that the internet can be a dark place. People creep and feed on others anonymously, and I wish that wasn’t so. I do not have the power to clean up the web, I do, however, have the power to offer my word.

Many words do not quite hold the meaning they once had. Respect, honor, trust, loyalty, each one being discredited by untrustworthy folks burning bridges before others can even find them.

I myself was lucky enough to find a bridge. I met a streamer by the name Forice, who gave me an opportunity to produce art. He shared that art as well as my name and it opened so many windows for me. I also made a name for myself. I am stable, I am here and I will do the work I am commissioned for.

I thought about this for some time, before I decided to go “Utopia.” The entire idea behind my project is to host a non-toxic streaming hub. I’m sure this is not necessarily enough information, so let’s break it down.

I personally know several talented and professionally published illustrators and comic book artists. So the first step was to invite these artists, who welcomed the opportunity. These guys I have known for years, and very well may be better than myself. Utopia Bound is now a fantastic place to find trustworthy, talented commission artists.

Turns out, content creators can be in need of music as well, and I just so happen to know a music producer as well. He also agreed to help with my project, so now we have the potential for original, custom, one of a kind music.

While going through the motions, advertising my stream on Twitter and Instagram, I ran into a youtuber, who also gives advice with video editing. I asked him if he would also like to help out. Just following this guy on twitter would be a great help cause he is always posting information as well as asking questions. Utopia found a “video editing coach.”

I also contacted Lightstream and asked if I could put some of their contact information and features up. They replied by sending a project manager to help folks out, in house.

Utopia Bound is sharing other tools for streaming, like mod bots, stream related announcements, and we partnered up with a gentlemen who reviews stream tech, and advises, not the most expensive equipment, but the gear that will get you through.

Utopia Bound provides a safe nontoxic place for people to find their streaming needs. We have artists, musicians, editors, and streamers all guaranteed to be nontoxic. You can find what streaming service you need or even connect with other streamers to set up events, co-streams, or even a simple party up.

Now Utopia is not just for streamers. For the guaranteed streamers, I have personally typed up short profiles offering a brief personal catch as well as stream rating, games played, and contact info. So that you may have an idea of what you are getting into without actually starting the stream.

Think of Utopia Bound as a promotion center with no obligations and plenty of shops for wears.

If you’d like to check us out, you can get more information at:

Utopia Bound




Be kind and stay fantastic,


5 Questions With Scudpuddle

Not every step you take is in the sun, some are in the shade. While it’s hard to see through the dark, with every pace, you grow closer to who you will become, maybe even where you want to be. For some, they reside in the shade, helping others to walk, even run, back into the light.

That is where we are right now, helping someone out, and into the sun. I believe that when some of you read this, you will agree that Scudpuddle is deserving of the spotlight. As I get to know him, the more I’m impressed. He’s supportive, creative, and a man of many skills.

Scudpuddle starts the whole show with a really cool job. Engineering is not a simple line of work, such a career would require an extremely flexible mind to adapt to different situations and problems in the field.

If engineer wasn’t enough, he is also a musician! He has helped others with his sound and added notes to other projects as well. Scudpuddle’s has tapped many sources to house his content, including: YouTube, Spotify, Sound Cloud, or even on ITunes, with a simple type of his name, “Scudpuddle.”

Give me a second to lean into this cliche, but wait there’s more! Scudpuddle is also an amateur wood worker. He has crafted items for his friends to use as giveaways to further their content. He has informed me, while he has started with smaller items, he is working his way up to larger pieces, like furniture. He prides himself in one-of-a-kind, custom products.

(Oak dice tray with an Elk hide bottom and a resin inlay.)

From engineer to guitarist to carpenter, his schedule would seem sparse of time. Still he frequents streams, and shares others content as well as finding time to game. Scudpuddle has also shared game clips for 365 days straight to twitter, and is more recently compiling ten clip montages for YouTube, with his own custom soundtrack.

Well enough of my ramblings, let’s hear from the man himself. Here is 5 Questions With Scudpuddle:

Q. Engineering requires creative thinking and problem solving, do you think those skills aide you in your other ventures?

Scudpuddle: Absolutely. Engineering has taught me to persevere through some challenges. Problems come up, we figure them out and fix them, then move on to the next one.

For music, it has helped me be creative when writing. I’m constantly coming up with ideas. Sometimes they turn into songs, sometimes I combine a few similar ones, sometimes I make short melodies for small videos, and sometimes they are just left alone. Either they didn’t work out, or they’re on the shelf for a later date.

Engineering has also taught me patience and attention to detail which is particularly useful for wood working. The patience required for woodworking can be the difference between a shoddy piece of work and something that is beautiful and cherished by its owners. I strive for the beauty and art instead of just slapping things together and calling it good. Sure, it works that way, but how well and for how long?

Q. There are so many tools available to make music, what is your favorite instrument and how does it speak to you?

Sudpuddle: Guitar is always going to be my most comfortable instrument, but I really enjoy the piano and keyboard. I love the sound of a piano, and the capabilities with a keyboard are almost endless, especially when you have MIDI. Lately, I’ve been doing more and more MIDI things as I experiment. The virtual instruments are fun to play around with.

But like I said, guitar is my most comfortable. And it’s easy to travel with and play. Usually every night before I go to sleep, I’ll play at least 5-10 minutes of guitar coming up with melodies, writing songs, or just messing around and playing old songs for practice.

Q. Music has so many applications these days, so is this solely a hobby, or an avenue that you would like to better explore?

Scudpuddle: Right now it’s starting off as a hobby. I grew up always wanting to be a music producer/song writer. If it grows into something more, that’d be great. At the moment though, I’m creating whatever I can for whoever I can and getting my stuff out there for whoever stumbles upon it. I’m still learning all the skills required, but without formal training or the time to fully commit to it, I doubt it’ll be more than a hobby any time soon.

Plus, keeping it as a hobby takes away the pressing of HAVING to be creative. Right now it’s pure enjoyment when I can do it. I’m lucky that I don’t have to rely on it to live.

Q. With these other impressive skills, what keeps you tethered to the realm of gaming?

Scudpuddle: Gaming has, and always will, have a special place in my heart. I’ve met so many people and I’ve made lifelong friends through gaming. It brings out my competitive side sometimes, and other times it lets me get lost in a story. No matter how far my other ventures go, gaming will be there. It helps me if I need to unwind at the end of a night.

Q. If you had an opportunity to either give advice to a past self, or get advice from a future self, which would you choose and why?

Scudpuddle: If I could give my younger self some advice, I’d tell him to stay true to himself and be honest 100% of the time. You’ll be able to walk your own path instead of following another’s. I’ve done that the past year and a half and honestly, I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been. Kinda cliche, but it was a lesson I didn’t learn until later.

In short we are all surrounded by interesting people, who guide us and help us as they can. It has been a privilege to share a bit about Scudpuddle, but there are a lot more folks who go unnoticed on a day to day basis. So if you know someone who always has your back, why not give them a shout out? In the comments, Instagram, Twitter, what have you.

To keep up to date with Scudpuddle you can follow any of these links:





Sound Cloud


Be kind and stay fantastic,


An Apex Breakdown: Bangalore

Upon launch of Apex Legends, Bangalore was one of the most popularly selected characters. As we tread well into season 4, her popularity has waned. Due to some of the other characters’ abilities, Bangalore is probably one of the more overlooked characters in the assault class, at least in regard to platinum rank on up. In these paragraphs I will touch on my experiences with the character, and talk about some of the perks of playing Bangalore.

To start we need to understand the game. Apex Legends is a first person shooter and battle royale with rpg elements. The goal is to survive and outlive the enemy teams, by building a squad with suitable ability to best handle the environment. With the specialized character abilities per class, you take a seemingly average battle royale and make it a strategic ever-evolving pvp fueled dungeon raid. We have healers, scouts, tanks and, with the season 4 update, we have gained a necromancer, of sorts. That being said a lot of people go into Apex trying to solo the game, which can be achievable but ultimately makes the game more difficult. I’d like to bring teamwork back to Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon.

Bangalore is categorized as an assault class by the developers and deemed useless by some of the higher ranked players. I humbly disagree to both. Her strengths are evasion and suppression. I would call her a support class, and I think she is vital to the team-play experience. Her skill list is as follows:

Double Time– Her passive ability grants increased movement speed when sighted by an unseen combatant.

Smoke Screen– Her activated ability covers a decent surface area for evasion. Also I believe that the canister inflicts 10 damage upon detonation.

Missile Barrage– Her ultimate is a blanketing missile strike that spreads across the landscape, with latent shells, which detonate in sequence to cause a tidal wave effect over the terrain, inflicting damage and stunning enemy’s.

We will touch first on the passive ability. When enemies are close we can hear their movement, for the most part and that gives you time to react. That is where the relevance of double time comes into play. If someone’s close enough to hip fire, then you will hear them, but if they are at medium to long range they will have to look down sights to hit you, thus activating double time.

My advice:

Never stop moving. Loot quick and don’t linger, because if you keep your distance then, eventually, someone will pop a shot, instead of closing in.

As for the smoke screen, this has to be one of the least utilized abilities, if not one of the most misused. I believe that with the addition of damage to the smoke coverage, her smoke screen should be directed at the enemy for blinding. Overall there are several different scenarios that would cause you to use the smoke differently. Most often I use the smoke to hit snipers in towers to allow my team to find better ground or escape.

Smoke options:

1) Smoke yourself if you don’t know where the enemy is, and regroup.

2) Smoke the enemy to move unseen. If you Smoke a destination, they know where to follow.

3) Smoke to conceal allied traps.

4) Smoke and cover fire for healing, respawns, revives, and looting.

My advice:

Take your teammates into consideration. Only smoke yourself if you don’t obstruct their view.

This brings us to Bangalore’s ultimate ability. I think it is a rarity to get a knock with the air strike, so I have deduced that this tool is best used for suppression. Throwing the barrage is the best way to force a team to move. This could be the difference between you or an enemy team holding the high ground.

My advice:

This ultimate is best used as a means of escape. Throw it in the direction you are running, and you will make it through right before they start to explode! This will offer a fantastic head start.

In conclusion, within the later ranks you will still see me running Bang, I just can’t see passed her benefits.

As an added note I have always wanted to try a trio of Bangalore, Caustic, and Bloodhound for the end circle. Smoke, gas traps, and beast of the hunt…sounds nasty.

As always,

Be kind and stay fantastic,


5 Clips From Apex Legends

So in this bit we will be looking at some great clips. Not like an affordable haircut, no. We will have a count down on some awesome and funny clips from the Apex Legends community!

These clips will be up in the air, from all seasons. But looking to the future, the 5 Clip articles will be covering games between the last article to the next. Also, Apex, will not be the only game covered, each write will have a general theme, or different game.

We are going to kick this off the same way many great stories do…with the one who got away. This first clip comes from B34TRO on Xbox One. Last on his squad and trying to break the storm, he runs into a team gatekeeping. Does he let this get him down? Well, yes but he got right back up, and out for a miraculous escape!

Gentlemen, sometimes, have to let them go, and sometimes they have to throw down their guns, and settle thing like…well, gentlemen. I have seen this in a couple of channels but never from someone who plays console. So let’s delve deep into the Dapper Dimension with Pixel Peet

Down to the final two squads and the spirit of an honorable duel is respected. One on one, no guns or quips just bare knuckle to bare knuckle!

Pixel Peet is a Twitch talent from the Mizu Gaming Organization. If you are oblivious to his greatness, now’s your chance to catch up.

As long as we are trying to be gentlemen here, we should acknowledge our gentlewomen as well! They deserve our respect just as much as the sirs, how could you not, after the next clip, from our own TinkoRoboto!

Tinko is on point with her Eva8 and Re45, for that 1, 2, 3 squad wipe on the old King’s Canyon. What makes this even more amazing is she was short a shield. Fantastic match start.

Speaking of King’s Canyon, a little while ago we were treated to a helping of the launch version of the map. Back to the old map with the old habits is Goku DBZ dropping hot in skull town with a pretty satisfying clip. Unlike the rest of these clips, Goku’s is trimmed to shorten time between kills, we just wanted to show the climb from bare knuckle to geared to kill leader. Enjoy;D

Before we wrap things up here, I have one more combo clip. The following is to emphasize the importance of teamwork, and sometimes, “carrying” a teammate may just be part of the job.

If you would like to take part in some interactive Apex Legends to thwart Nitro Punk’s efforts, or just enjoy some premium content, launch that jump pad and hop on over to Mixer and watch our dude in action.

This is not the 5 Clip stint in it’s full glory. Think of it as a test. After this write, I will be asking for game clips from other games and doing a more comprehensive breakdown with what is going on. Hopefully these bits will ultimately feel like “plays of the week.” But I’m going to need those clips!

Thanks for the support kids, and I’ll be back next week for 5 Clips from Modern Warfare and a breakdown of Apex Legend’s Bangalore character efficiency!

If you’d like to be part of the 5 Clips for next week, please send me your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare clips from the past week! You can leave them as a comment, reach me on Twitter or on my Discord.

Be kind and stay fantastic,


5 Questions With Mizu Gaming

We are all gamers aren’t we? I know that I am. I’ve been immersed in the digital daze for quite some time now. Gaming was once deemed a waste of time; However, over my life it has become a viable career path.

Video games alone are a multi billion dollar industry. But we weren’t talking about the developers were we? No, we are all gamers here, right? So let’s get to the good stuff!

According to, there are a handful of gamers who made it to the millions, a bit more who are pulling around SIX figures a year! The average of course is around 40-60k a year, and depending on where you live is a decent salary for doing something that you are passionate for. I mean that’s the dream, isn’t it? Doing what you love for a living?

This edition of 5 Questions is bigger than any one person. We will be shining a light on an organization, built by gamers with real world business experience, to aide others down the path to their respective goals.

Without further ado, I present to you,

5 Questions With Mizu:

(Image Credit: Property of Mizu Gaming)

Q: What is it exactly that Mizu does?

A: Mizu is a multiplatform entertainment organization currently employing content creators, pro players, and artists.  Our organization has its own Twitch, Mixer and YouTube channels devoted to unique and exclusive content not seen on any other stations.  We also have two pro teams playing Apex Legends, and we are currently recruiting members for a League of Legends pro team.  We intend to field teams across multiple game franchises, to help us achieve the goal of winning championships. Lastly, we are contracting with designers and artists to bring cutting edge merchandise to the global gaming community.  


Q: What was the inspiration behind starting Mizu Gaming?

A: Our founders met during one of Pixel Peet’s streams back in early 2019.  As they began to play Halo together, they found they had friends in common across the Swat Nation and the Halo community at large.  During the fall of 2019 they began to discuss the way organizations within the gaming community tended to focus on the people at the top levels of the orgs and not the folks who drove the engine of success.  They decided to bring a new paradigm to the industry.  The goal of Mizu Gaming, and the Mizu Entertainment Group is to empower our members and help them achieve their dreams.   Our founders have 45 years of combined business experience which allows them to see unique talents which may have been overlooked by other organizations.  Our mission statement governs everything we do:  If you want to go quick, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.  Mizu believes that if we do everything in our power to make our content creators and pro players successful, that will in turn make all of the Mizu brands successful.  You cannot have one without the other.  On the surface we appear to be focused on content creation and pro players, while behind the scenes, we advise our members on legal matters, contractual matters, assist them setting up their personal brands and protecting them, we assist them with open broadcast software (OBS), and with unique transitions and overlays.  If we have members of the community who are attempting to negotiate a deal with a competing organization, we offer contract review and negotiation services.  Finally, all our members participate in our philanthropic arm, Mizu in Motion, during our annual events.  This year we are focused on the first responders in Australia who volunteered their time to save countless lives and homes, in some cases giving all to do so.  The event is on February 29th and will be broadcast on the Mizu Twitch channel.


Q: Where do you see Mizu, this time next year?

A: This time next year we expect to be broadcasting and simulcasting on multiple platforms on the Mizu Entertainment network.  In addition, we expect to be closing in on a championship in Apex and League of Legends, while expanding our pro teams to five unique game franchises.  We also have a very big project we expect to launch at the beginning of 2021 which will excite the gaming community around the world, so stay tuned!


Q: What would you consider Mizu’s strongest feature?

A: The creativity and drive of our members is by far our strongest feature.  This is a group of people who work tirelessly to bring unique, entertaining content to our audience.  Watching these folks is truly inspirational.  On any given day you can find several members in our “think tank” discord channel collaborating on new ideas for each person’s stream.  There is no hesitation about speaking their minds in constructive ways to further the project.  And despite competing with each other, our pro teams often bounce ideas and techniques off each other while developing winning strategies.  


Q: If you could say anything to those who aspire to join a gaming organization, what would it be?

A: Becoming part of an organization requires a tremendous amount of dedication to yourself, and the family you are joining.  When you are investigating an org, make sure you find a group who shares the values and vision of your brand.  Too many people sign with the first organization they find just so they can tell people “they are part of an org”, without regard to their own goals.  The first step in courting an org is to lay a good foundation on your stream, or in the game you play.  A good organization will help you build on that foundation and grow in the direction of your dreams.


I have had an opportunity to get to know these guys pre-Mizu and I can tell you that their intentions are genuine. I’ve witnessed their motivation, their drive through all the advancements in so little time. Intent, and drive matched with the raw, untapped talent Mizu has acquired, I foresee a promising future.

You can contact Mizu Gaming at any one of the links below. Don’t forget to show your support on Feb 29th on the Mizu Twitch channel, also listed below.






Remember to be kind and stay fantastic,


And we are back!

I have been very busy with the last few stages in my life, but these last few months have been large strides.

I have been through a lot since I have started this blog. From Twitch streamer to Mixer, from moderator to graphic artist, I have been all over the place. And my one and only has been there right beside me! I love that woman, TinkoRoboto!

After this great silence I am coming back at you with greater news! We are back at writing! And not the fictional stories I ended on. Instead we have content headed your way!

We have a new discord to pair artist and streamers, I will be writing some more of my 5 questions interviews, as well as two more story types! 5 clips and 5games!

You will have to stay tuned in order to see what it is all about, but let’s do a little test real quick:

Looks like we are good to go with my top game clip write ups;D

Lastly my wife and I are working together on a graphic design team know as MaXon Illustrations! Come check us out for all your Branding needs!

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